Republican group appeals ruling striking down federal DOMA

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  • Posted: 02/24/2012
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Fact-Check: Did Romney Lie About Cardinal and Contraception During Wednesday Debate?

Maine: Initiative to redefine marriage moves forward

Libya: ‘Historic’ European Court Judgment Upholds Migrants’ Rights

John W. Whitehead: “There Is Nothing Constitutional About State-Mandated Transvaginal Ultrasounds”

Child sex change ethical?

Liberian bills define marriage and make homosexual conduct a first degree felony

Matt Bowman: Pregnancy as taboo as smoking under Obamacare

“Schools work to balance gay, religious rights”

ACLU asks federal court to block SC voter ID law

Why is the Constitution missing from the GOP debates?

    Steven Hayward at the Daily Caller: True, the Constitution gets a brief mention now and then. But it is amazing that there’s been virtually no serious question asked of the candidates about their extended views of, for example, the Commerce Clause of Article I, and whether they think Obamacare is compatible with it.

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UK: Revelations regarding widespread illegal abortions must be acted upon

Homeschooling families can’t teach homosexuality a sin in class says Alberta gvmt

UN, Brazil Falsely Claim 200K Women Die From Illegal Abortion

UK Abortion Docs Suspended for Illegal Sex-Selection Abortions

Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood Despite Obama Admin Attacks

U.S. Officials Condemn Iran’s Sentence of Pastor For Apostasy

Calif. lawyer to be sentenced in baby selling scam

UK: “A nation of NEETS: Almost a million young people now out of work or education”

Tunisia, Egypt Islamists signal bigger religion role

Bloomberg: NYPD’s monitoring of Muslims was legal

MD: “Carroll sponsors employee class with biblical overtones”

Americans United for Life Pre-Releases Cutting Edge Package of Trend-Setting Legislation – the Next Wave of Pro-Life Advances Read more here:

Florida: ‘Inspirational messages’ in local schools could spark challenges

Chaplains object to DOJ decision to not defend DOMA for service members

Group calls on Ky. governor to cancel prayer breakfast

Marriage Unmoored

Love isn’t enough: 5 reasons why same-sex marriage will harm children

A Troubling trend in the Courts: Americans must demand action from the political branches

Marriage ‘too valuable’ for 2 judges to redefine

Non-Catholic Christian groups, state governments sue over Obama birth control mandate | Daily Caller

Latin America Teeters on Edge of Abortion Abyss | National Catholic Register

Wash. State Contraception Rules Violate Religious Freedom, Says Judge | Christian Post

America’s per capita debt worse than Greece

Maryland Legislature votes to redefine marriage, Gov. promises to sign