2nd Circuit extends NYC church access to public schools

Albert Mohler, Jr.: “My Take: Santorum’s right, JFK wrong on separation of church and state”

    Albert Mohler, Jr. at CNN: Santorum should have avoided gastrointestinal references in his comments, and he clearly missed some of the careful nuances of Kennedy’s speech, but his criticism of Kennedy’s argument is both timely and essentially right. Furthermore, it is high time that Americans understand that the ideas Kennedy espoused in that speech have led us to an impasse in current debates.

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Jordan Lorence: “Looking In: Marriage views not off-limits for businesses”

The Power Of Population Growth: The Philippines Will Become 16th Largest World Economy By 2050

UK plans European Court of Human Rights reform

AZ: Abortion bill to ban most abortions after 20 weeks moves forward

Pro-life physicians, Christian leaders tout importance of Okla. personhood bill

Abortion notification bill clears Colo. Senate

‘After-birth abortion’ is logically sound: that’s why it will boost the pro-life movement

Bob Kerrey is officially running for Senate in Nebraska

AZ sheriff to release results of investigation on Obama eligibility question

New Arizona Law Increases Tax Credit Amount For School Choice Program

ADF: Trial to begin in case of NASA mission specialist demoted for his views

Obama Mandate Panel Never Considered Conscience Clause

Afghanistan gov’t demands trial for “Quran burning soldiers”; NATO agrees?

Holder: 1st Amendment Allows Gov’t to Force Catholics to Buy Sterilization-Contraception-Abortion Insurance

Sex-Crazed Co-Eds Going Broke Buying Birth Control Student Tells Congress; Limbaugh says she is prostitute and wants taxpayers to be “Johns”

Sebelius: ‘The Private Market is in a Death Spiral’

UK: “Ann Widdecombe: let the people decide on marriage”

California govt. mailing condoms to teenagers at home in unmarked envelopes

Syphilis infections rising dramatically among New Brunswick homosexuals

Portugal: “Controversy over the obvious? New Cardinal says it’s best for women to stay home with their children”

Converts and Religious Exemption Claims

    Eugene Volokh at the Volkh Conspiracy: Some have argued that a religious exemption analysis in work-related cases might differ depending on whether (1) the job requirements changed in a way that violated the employee’s felt religious obligations or (2) the employee’s religious beliefs changed in a way that started to conflict with the existing job requirements. That might or might not be a good rule to adopt, but it’s not the rule . . .

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Bernanke warns lawmakers country headed for ‘massive fiscal cliff’

Rick Santorum: I regret saying John F. Kennedy speech on religion made me want to throw up

Erik Stanley: Are Churches Subject to Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code?

    ADF Attorney Erik Stanley at the Speak Up Movement Church Blog: The upshot of these cases is that even though churches are not required to apply for a tax exemption from the IRS, churches are still subject to the restrictions in section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. That means all churches are required to abide by 501(c)(3). And if you think about this logically, it makes sense. The way the federal tax code works is to begin from the assumption that all organizations are taxable unless they meet an exemption from taxation specified in the tax code. Thus, for a church to be considered exempt from taxation, it must meet a specific exemption under section 501(c) of the tax code. The specific exemption that churches fall under is section 501(c)(3). And this is where the problem arises because the restrictions on churches in 501(c)(3) are unconstitutional. The passage of the Johnson Amendment in 1954 added a restriction to 501(c)(3) that allows the IRS to censor a pastor’s sermon from the pulpit

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Georgia: Abortion bill gets full-court press politically

Megachurch pastor asks Houston mayor to resign over marriage

Beijing Wants Say in Choice of World Bank Head

“Archbishop of Canterbury says law has no right to legalise same-sex marriage”

Local governments watching Supreme Court tax case

Democrats Attack Pro-Lifers Ahead of Blunt Amendment Vote

Was Chief Justice Roberts Right? Law Review Circulation Reaches New Lows

Obama admin pulls out the stops to win over one conservative Justice

VA Senate approves bill to require ultrasound for abortion

Field Poll: “Same-sex marriage poll finds majority approve”

Egypt court dismisses Sawiris insulting Islam case

Austin R. Nimocks: Do Ask, Do Tell (If You’re a California Judge)

Sixth Circuit: 1 Day Child Pornography Sentence Unreasonable

VT: Franklin Town defends prayer

TN: Appeals court to hear arguments over Karns Elementary Bible study

ACLU of Indiana: Gov’t reg inhibiting family home care violates Fourteenth Amendment

Ken Connor: Obama’s Birth Control Bait and Switch

Relocating church wants to rent space in Upper Arlington

Steve Aden: Geneva College fights back to protect conscience rights

House subcommittee votes to repeal healthcare reform law’s ‘death panel’

“HRC Family Event Held at Phoenix Children’s Museum”

Politically correct media storm after Phoenix restaurant manager ousts kissing lesbians

    Tucson Citizen: Representatives of the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel on Tuesday met with a lesbian couple who were asked to leave a hotel restaurant Sunday after they were seen hugging and kissing. Their ouster quickly sparked a firestorm on social-media sites.

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TN: “School promotes religion and discrimination of atheist students”

Contraception rule could lead to $100 per day per employee fines, Hill report says

Feds seize gambling site Bodog, indict founder

House Rules Chairman Dreier (R-Cal.) announces retirement

Hungarian Parliament Recognizes 19 More Faith Groups

US Sen. Olympia Snowe (Maine) won’t seek re-election

US Muslim study finds jump in American mosques

Unthinkable thoughts: How feminism deforms intellectual culture

House votes to overturn Supreme Court decision on eminent domain

Romney beats Santorum in Michigan primary; Delegate count still unresolved

Appealed filed in case of students ordered to remove American Flag clothing on Cinco De Mayo

White House Wants to Keep Gas Prices High