Rep. Chris Smith: Abortion debate entering new arenas

European Commission finds it difficult to explain funding for homosexual propaganda

Anglican Bishop of Oxford: redefining marriage would be ‘playing with fire’

UK: Mum refuses £2,000 offer to abort baby with Down’s

11th Circuit blocks 2 portions of Alabama immigration law

Why claims of conscience matter

The “Filthy” State of Values in Our Schools

Pope Benedict Attacked for Defending Marriage

China’s censors delete thousands of messages online — by hand

Catherine Glenn Foster: The Girl Scouts: Planned Parenthood’s ‘Tactical Arm’

Mitt Romney Attacks Rick Santorum’s Sonia Sotomayor Vote in New Radio Ad

School Reinstates Honors Student Punished Over Religious Service Work | Fox News

Canada: Book to teach elementary students 30 ways babies made slammed by pro-family culture critics

MS: Pro-life youth arrested outside school and held in jail for 24 hours

Children’s Immunizations, and Disputes Between Divorced Parents

Inside Merit Selection: A National Survey of the Judicial Nominating Commissioners

    American Judicature Society: During the summer of 2011, The American Judicature Society conducted a nationwide survey of Judicial Nominating Commissioners.  Nominating Commissions exist in 36 states and the District of Columbia to recruit, screen, evaluate, and recommend individuals for appointment to the state courts. The survey was designed to gather information about the membership, rules, procedures, practices, and effectiveness of Judicial Nominating Commissions from those who know it best – the Commissioners.  This information can be used to better understand how current systems operate and to evaluate proposals that would alter existing merit selection systems or institute new ones

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ADF: “False claims and fraud: Lawsuit exposes Planned Parenthood deception”

Tunisian Islamists spark fear of culture war

China says not changing from its path of socialism

Fiji’s plan for new constitution raising hopes

HUD Secretary announces new sexual orientation discrimination rule

ADF: “Hierarchy in higher education: Fla. offers grants for some, but not all”

NYPD docs: ‘Focus’ scrutiny on Muslim Americans

U.S. Supreme Court needs a code of conduct

Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians

Pat Buchanan: “Is the GOP Becoming a War Party?”

    Patrick Buchanan at Townhall: Today’s GOP front-runners — Newt, Mitt and Rick Santorum — all clearly believe that a warlike stance toward Iran will appeal to the evangelical base and to Jewish voters who went for Obama by 57 points in 2008. But they are rolling the dice with a war-weary America. Ron Paul, whose youth vote the party needs and who receives the largest number of contributions from the military, has split with them on Iran.

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Speaker: More people against abortion

Maryland to pay $385,000 to pro-life group for unlawful arrests: will train troopers on Constitution

Intelligible Goods, Marriage, and Intellectual Conversion

Pope Addresses United States Bishops On Crisis Of Marriage And The Family

School Threatens to Remove Student From Honors Society Over Church Work

Too many foreigners in France, Sarkozy says

Video — Obama Energy Secretary: I don’t own a car

Studies: Children raised by lesbians not problem-free

Utah State Senate Approves Bill Allowing Schools To Drop Sex Ed

Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers

Parent school choice bill wins approval in Kentucky Senate