Iowa: Marriage Proponents to Rally at State Capitol Tuesday

Chile Considering Legalizing “Therapeutic” Abortion

Is It Unconstitutional for Laws to Be Based on Their Supporters’ Religiously Founded Moral Beliefs?

Kansas abortion debate shifts to doctor training

Idaho Senate Passes Abortion Ultrasound Mandate

Obama opposes N.C. marriage amendment

Jamie Whyte: The Real Threat to Marriage

    Jamie Whyte at WSJ (via Google): Even a strict separation of state and culture would probably fail to completely eliminate cultural conflict. “Live and let live” is a fine sentiment but not one that comes easily to us humans, whose social dispositions still seem to reflect our tribal ancestry. That is a pity. But the proper response of government officials is not to take sides in these tribal conflicts. It is to stop anyone from winning by force rather than by argument or good example.

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Vt. governor ‘disappointed’ at assisted suicide bill’s demise

Lesbian with kids in Catholic school demands removal of Catechism quote on homosexuality

Liberian President remains firm: no legalization of homosexual acts

London Mayoral Candidate: I will make London a beacon of Islam

Polygamous Muslim unions on the rise in Britain

Abortionist Can’t Just Give Up License to Avoid Discipline

MA school officials deny effort to replace ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ with ‘O’Green’s Day’

8th Circuit rejects Jewish prisoner’s claims regarding use of succah

HHS: Proposed Rulemaking on Contraceptive Mandate

Indiana Supreme Court Grants Direct Appeal of Trial Court’s Decision In School Voucher Case

Tennessee AG OKs Excluding Religious Groups From Partnering With Homeland Security Department

Pressure To Include Shariah Law In New Constitution Grows In Tunisia

U-T San Diego reported last week that California’s Attorney General has issued an Opinion

Legal Periodical: Do Faith-Based Prisons Work?

    Alexander Volokh, Do Faith-Based Prisons Work? 63 Alabama Law Review 43-95 (2011), Online:

    Thus, based on current research, there is no strong reason to believe that faith-based prisons work. However, there is also no strong reason to
    believe that they do not work. I conclude with thoughts on how faith-based prison programs might be improved, and offer a strategy that would allow such experimentation to proceed consistent with the Constitution.

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Thomas Messner: Institution of Marriage Defended Throughout the Nation

Ark. woman’s lawsuit against Diocese to continue

Massive, systemic Planned Parenthood fraud on brink of exposure?

Pakistani Police Officer Gets Life In Prison For Blasphemy

After attack, MK calls on Jews to leave France

White House: Colleges Also Forced to Institute HHS Mandate

Australia wants to probe self-immolations in Tibet

High court rejects Christian campus groups’ appeal

Abortion Drug Kills Woman in Australia at Marie Stopes

“Gay Marriage and the Future of Human Sexuality”

David Brooks: The Fertility Implosion

Court: Benefits for babies born after dad’s death?

“Obama, Romney sweep health care laws under a rug” | AP

IL town wants ‘Get It’ to get out

Charge: U.S. selling aborted baby body parts

Pastor’s campaign says don’t be fruitful and multiply

Illinois Race Muddled by State’s Move Right

ACLU-NC criticizes New Hanover Commissioners for rejecting reproductive health grant for women

Utah: ACLU, Planned Parenthood call abortion bill unconstitutional

NC: Most candidates aren’t backing ACLU view on prayer; some willing to change methods

Evolution bill back in TN legislature

ACLU: Obama Administration Takes Next Step On Contraception Rule

Abortion conflict puts pro-life health professionals in limbo | Deseret News

Recall draws national conservative groups into legal fight | El Paso Times

NJ spycam case stirs debate over hate crime laws

Legal Periodical: A Marriage is a Marriage is a Marriage: The Limits of Perry v. Brown

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia: ‘Destroy All the Churches of the Region’

UNC-Greensboro Reverses Course on Pro-Life Group

Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges $6 Million Fraud by Planned Parenthood

Is the Supreme Court the Key to Hispanic Voter Turnout? The Ticker

With friends like these: 136 amici filed in Obamacare litigation

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.: What Happens in Maryland Stays in MD

The Fiscal Effects of School Choice Programs on Public School Districts

    NCPA Policy Digest: One of the primary arguments made by opponents of school choice programs is that by allowing students to leave public schools, the fiscal security of those schools will inherently be made worse. In supporting this point, they emphasize that if a student leaves a school, many fixed costs still remain that will become more expensive per student, says Benjamin Scafidl, a fellow with the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

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New Low: 28% Give Supreme Court Positive Ratings | Rasmussen

Supreme Court opens the door to abortion in Argentina in an embarrassing failure

Comment from ADF on Supreme Court’s decision not to review SDSU Christian club case