UK: “‘Gay marriage’: No human rights for demoted Christian”

Christopher Tollefsen: Obama HHS Mandate Not Just a Violation of Religious Liberty

UK: Redefining marriage is not a vote winner, warns top Tory

Report 2011: Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe

Pro-life, no exceptions: Chilean president pens powerful column defending pro-life convictions

Canada: When Christians are bullied by the government

    David Kraden at LifeSiteNews: In this progressive era, this mother of two was shocked to discover that, despite the dictates of the Royal Dalton government, St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary School in Bowmanville, Ont. had gravely erred in not sufficiently accommodating the gay agenda. The dreaded offense? A Catholic school had actually dared to espouse Catholic doctrine and, in the midst of a languid tract on equity and inclusion in the classroom, actually cited the Catholic catechism and suggested that homosexuals are “objectively disordered.” Can you imagine the temerity of a Catholic school teaching Catholic dogma in the classroom?

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Has Ireland ‘rejected’ UN calls to legalize abortion? That remains to be seen

TX: Trial of sect leader shines rare spotlight on bigamy

Ontario: Free Gideon Bible handouts face another public school ban despite pressure

Bill to restore marriage fails in NH House

Catholic students demand right to name clubs ‘gay-straight alliances’

NYC, Abortion Capital 41% – Abortion by Zip Code

Some in GOP considering independent candidate to oppose Roy Moore?

Dominica: 2 men arrested for buggery on Mediterranean cruise

India Marriage law: Women may get right to marital property

European Court of Human Rights: No right to “gay marriage” under European Convention

Catholic bishops criticize Obama’s stand on same-sex marriage ban

AZ female legislator: women should be required to witness an abortion before having one

Utah Governor Signs 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period Bill

Another attempt to protect chaplains’ conscience rights

Court dismisses suit against New York Law School for allegedly fraudulent employment numbers

Health care law’s defenders look to George Washington

Panel chosen by Christie endorses N.J. Supreme Court nominees

Lenoir City school system curtailing prayers at public meetings

USCIRF Releases Annual Report; Turkey’s Presence on Countries of Concern Disputed

Christian Churches Sue In Israel Challenging Discriminatory Property Tax Law

Christian family evicted from Egypt town

China says lawyers must swear allegiance to party

Council of Europe Head criticizes Hungary law reducing officially recognized churches

Pink hair suspension overturned in Del. after ACLU intervenes

Mark W. Leach: A Few Make a Rare Few Rarer: Reflections on World Down Syndrome Day

AWR Hawkins: Free men don’t dial 911

Supreme Court to Decide to Hear Loudermilk Case on Homeschool Privacy

Under White House pressure, media scrubs Malia Obama vacation story

Supreme Court rejects state damages in medical leave case

Steve Aden: Post-Abortion Baby Parts Now a Booming Business

HHS ordered to stop dragging its feet

Supreme Court Rejects Christian Clubs’ Appeal on School’s Nondiscrimination Policy

Supreme Court: Antidiscrimination Ruling Will Stand | The Advocate

    The Advocate: The Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative legal organization representing the fraternity and sorority in their suit, objected to the Supreme Court’s decision to leave the appeals court ruling in place. “The university did not tell the Democratic club it must be led by a Republican, or the vegetarian club it must be led by a meat-eater, but it did tell Christian groups that they must allow themselves to be led by atheists,” Alliance Defense Fund lawyer David Cortman told the Chronicle. He added, “The supposed marketplace of ideas at San Diego State University will remain a stronghold for censorship.”

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Supreme Court: Citizens have right to sue EPA upon receipt of objectionable order

Democrats ‘skeptical’ about FCC’s political ad rule

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Mitt Romney wins Illinois GOP primary

State Department exempts 11 countries from Iran sanctions

SCOTUS Rejects Christian Sorority’s Religious Discrimination Claim