Utah gov. vetoes bill that would have promoted abstinence

“Anatomy of a Smear”: Opposing the homosexual agenda internationally

Iraq: “Mosul: more Christian blood, 45 year old photographer killed”

“Why Fight Same-Sex Marriage? Is There Really That Much at Stake?”

    Doug Farrow at Touchstone: Here we have what is perhaps the most pressing reason why same-sex marriage should be fought, and fought vigorously. It is a reason that neither the proponents nor the opponents of same-sex marriage have properly debated or thought through. In attacking “heterosexual monogamy,” same-sex marriage does away with the very institution—the only institution we have—that exists precisely in order to support the natural family and to affirm its independence from the state. In doing so, it effectively makes every citizen a ward of the state, by turning his or her most fundamental human connections into legal constructs at the state’s gift and disposal.

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