Federal Court rules Minn. DOMA doesn’t apply to some “transgender marriages”

Robert Reich: We’re turning America into a giant casino

Abortion transport bill moves forward in House

Polls: N.C. marriage amend. has 20-point lead

Wilberforce Academy 2012

Sex Rights for Children = The Right to Child Rape

Islamist rebels destroy Catholic parish in Mali

ACLU, 70 members of Congress lobby for Executive Order restricting religious freedom of federal contractors

N.C. marriage vote could help sway Supreme Court, Land says

5th Circuit Panel orders memo from DOJ: Do courts have the right to strike down a federal law?

Christians Consider Fleeing Syria Amid Fears of Intolerance

Planned Parenthood Hearing on Illegal Abortion Charges Postponed

“Gay high school student sues Ohio district over right to wear T-shirt urging tolerance”

Byron Babione: What if a T-Shirt Maker Refused to Make Shirts Supporting Marriage

Steven D. Smith: The Illusion of Religious Neutrality

    Steven D. Smith at the Law of Library and Liberty: Indeed, for reasons we will notice, the proposition that government should remain “neutral” in matters of religion appears to be virtually irresistible. Which leads to embarrassment: that is because, upon closer inspection, religious neutrality also turns out to be impossible. Worse yet, the attempt to maintain religious neutrality subtly works to undermine the constitutional commitment to religious freedom. This essay briefly considers the predicament and reflects on possible responses.

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Religious Neutrality: Admirably Compromised

Reconsidering the Authority of Religious Liberty within the Liberal Order: The Problem of Neutrality

Jennifer Roback Morse: Privatizing Marriage Will Expand the Role of the State

Thomas More Law Center Files Lawsuit: City of Dearborn Employs New Tactic to Silence Christian Pastor

Is Vanderbilt Anti-Discrimination Policy Actually Anti-Religion and Anti-Free Speech?

Video: Angered parents demonstrate against Ontario Sex Indoctrination Bill 13

Brazilian court acquits child molester, says twelve-year-old girls were prostitutes

Images of Chinese baby forcibly aborted at 9 months sparks outrage

Swiss assisted suicides rise sevenfold in 11 years

For Court, a wider ideological divide: On health care, Roberts Court charts aggressive course

Identity is Supreme? Van Jones says Obama won’t lose black vote over marriage or any other issue

“Cameron, Pushing Gay Marriage, Hails Christian Fightback”

Cuba’s Christians struggle, even after papal visit

MS: Chairman questions bills on immigration, abortion

NC: Union County board favors marriage amendment

Challenge to NC marriage solemnization requirement dismissed

Appeals Court Agrees: 1st Amendment Precludes Suit For Injuries During Healing Service

Employees Fired for Being “Too Religious” Receive Settlement Payment

NC: “Jones County: Praying At Public Meetings Won’t Stop”

Missouri House Adopts Health Care Conscience Rights Measure

Ron Paul: The Supreme Court and Obamacare

Benjamin Bull: If You Can’t Beat The Truth, Silence It

    Benjamin Bull at Townhall: A gut-wrenching example of the lengths to which men will go to silence the voices of conscience recently played out in an Ontario Court of Justice. There, Judge S. Ford Clements sentenced pro-life advocate Mary Wagner to 92 more days in jail, on top of the 88 days she’d already spent behind bars, all because she has been walking into the waiting rooms in Canadian abortion clinics and sharing hope with the women who are waiting to have their babies killed. And the story gets worse. Clements was so outraged by Wagner’s passion for life that he lashed out at her in front of the court . . . .

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