Book takes readers into the world of Supreme Court law clerks, from 1882 to today

    Washington Post: “In Chambers: Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices” (University of Virginia Press), edited by Todd C. Peppers and Artemus Ward: They’ve been called “Courtiers of the Marble Palace” and “Sorcerers’ Apprentices.” But to the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, their law clerks are much more: sparring partners, workhorses and, often, extended family.

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First, Let’s Kill All the Law Schools: A Review of Schools for Misrule

    Claremont Institute: Yet it’s not as if Tocqueville was wrong, or insensitive to the full implications of his irony. It’s just that he was largely describing the culture and role of traditional common lawyers—the barristers and solicitors—a breed that has almost disappeared from the American political, if not legal, landscape. He describes the English or American lawyer (in contrast to his continental counterpart) who still has “a taste and respect for what is old,” and who wishes to rely “on the sense of his fathers.” Such a lawyer is timid, regular, and legal—a cautious interpreter of “an occult science” that looks backward rather than forward and relies on particulars rather than highly contested abstractions. But a funny thing happened to the American common lawyer, and that funny thing was the American law school (which came into its own a century after Tocqueville wrote). As legal training and apprenticeship gave way to legal education and schooling, wave after wave of progressive thinking washed over the expanding and newly confident law schools . . .

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David Cameron ‘does God’ at Easter Reception, doesn’t want fallout over marriage

Two killed in grenade attack on Christian meeting in Kenya

NY jury awards $1.6M to “gay chef” versus employer who prayed for his “healing”

Phoenix: “Stanton urges ordinance to outlaw discrimination vs. gays”

Colorado Court to Hear Case on Curtailing Pro-life Advocate’s Free Speech

U.S. Senate Bill would extend benefits to same-sex partners

Ricky Polston named next Chief Justice for Fla. Supreme Court

NC: Watauga Co. Commissioners support marriage amendment in 3-1 vote

Why marriage is best defined for America as union between one man, one woman

N. Kentucky U.: Pro-Abortion Activists Vandalize College Pro-Life Display

Mississippi Senate passes abortion regulation bill

TX Court: prayers are free speech, not conspiracy to harm

Egypt Elites Oppose Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt sends Christian student to jail for insulting Islam

Joe Infranco: Bright Spot On The Horizon – The Free Exercise Clause

Ohio group cleared in effort to redefine marriage

TN: ACLU asks Gov. Haslam to veto evolution bill

MO: “John Griesheimer Says He Wants to Fight ACLU: But Against Using Taxpayer Money”

NC: Church protests against the ACLU

Holder: Justice Department will respond to judge

Mother’s Helper: A Shocking Thing I Learned After Giving Up My Eggs

Ontario faces ‘years of litigation’ if McGuinty’s anti-bullying bill passes: Evangelicals

Pro-abortion forces disappointed as legalization bill stalls in Uruguay

Final count: 63,000 in 145 cities joined rallies against HHS mandate across U.S.

Colorado Senate Panel Postpones Unborn Victims Legislation

Christians Sent to ‘No Pride Zone’ | Citizen Link

Pro-Abortion Politicians Hide the Truth About Ultrasounds

The Courage of Her Convictions: Citizen Link

Wisconsin Recall Elections Could Have Massive Abortion Impact

Egypt Islamists pledge oversight role for clerics

Egypt constitutional panel meets to resolve crisis

NY: Group Aims to Counter Influence of Teachers’ Union

KY: Christian firm under legal and political assault for refusing to print “gay pride” t-shirts

How Huge Banks Threaten the Economy: Five largest banks increase control to 52% of assets

International Criminal Court: Palestine not a state

Notre Dame Will Review Links to Pro-Abortion Groups

Equal access for Christian club | One News Now

Preserving the institution of marriage | One News Now

Settlement reached in lawsuit against Owasso Public Schools

Christian Brian Johnson Sues to Hand Out Bibles at Gay Pride Rally

City Banishes Bibles During ‘Gay’ Fest: Exiles Christians to ‘no pride’ zone outside event

Harry Reid loses procedural ruling on budget vote – could trigger tough votes for Dems

    Politico: he Senate’s chief referee has issued a key ruling against Majority Leader Harry Reid, POLITICO has learned — a move expected to bring unwanted election-year pressure on the Nevada Democrat to act on politically dicey budget bills.

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Mathematically Speaking, Obamacare Cannot Survive

Ken Connor: Supreme Court Mulls Not Just Healthcare, but the Role of Government in America

Obama eases rhetoric about Supreme Court on health care

Jennifer Roback Morse: Privatizing Marriage Is Unjust to Children

Canada Ups Retirement Age in Bid to Balance Budget

Looking Ahead, Republicans Examine Options in Health Care Fight

Wisconsin: Romney wins 43%, Santorum, 38%, Paul 12%, Gingrich 6%

Maryland: Romney wins with 48%, Santorum 30%, Gingrich 11%, Paul 10%

58% of Anchorage voters reject Prop 5, the divisive sexual orientation initiative