ADF: Ky. T-shirt company not required to promote message it disagrees with

ADF attorney available to media at embryonic stem cell research hearing Monday

Turkey: Church seeks return of confiscated properties

Anti-bullying bills & sexual politics some insights from Louisiana

ABA, American Law Institute divorce amicably on CLE

Births to cohabiting couples dramatically increase

Study: Religious hostility escalates worldwide

Iowa Senate kills bill eliminating taxpayer funded abortions on 25-25 vote

Minn. House Passes Abortion Facility License Fees

Senate panel endorses Kayatta for 1st Circuit judgeship

ACLU: “Obama Administration Endorses Student Non-Discrimination Act”

Personhood USA: Oklahoma Personhood Act Still Alive — Speaker Steele Called Upon to Answer Tough Questions

    Personhood USA at the Christian Newswire: “We are not surprised that there are a few Republicans such as Representative Doug Cox and House Speaker Steele, who wish to suppress life-affirming and pro-family legislation such as the Personhood Act,” commented Keith Mason, Personhood USA President. “However, it is surprising that these Republicans can be allowed to do everything in their power to kill a bill and then blame the entire Republican caucus. It is not too late – truly pro-life Oklahoma Representatives can still call for a vote and pass SB 1433.”

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Illinois: “Federal Judge Tells Bolingbrook Mayor for Third Time: You’re Wrong, Church Discrimination Lawsuit Goes Forward”

Tomb with a view: neighbours fight Islamic mausoleum

UK: Cornish schools to teach paganism in RE lessons

Neb. refuses order to surrender execution drug to FDA

Mali Catholic bishops warn of Sharia imposition

Obama Admin Hires Planned Parenthood Spokesman at HHS

Pittsburgh abortion clinic contests state findings

Oklahoma “personhood” bill fails in House

Scotland: Midwives to appeal ruling coercing their participation in abortion

“Jewish movement in Israel OKs gay rabbis”

“Young ‘Millennials’ losing faith in record numbers” | Washington Post

Romney hires openly “out gay” foreign policy spokesman

Illinois bill to allow same-sex marriage shelved

Iowa: Cady’s view of constitution permits judicial fiat

UK: Thanet District Council backing for “same-sex marriage”

Thousands of Priests to Come to Moscow for Nationwide Prayer

Florida: “Clay School Board chairwoman: Proposal could ease tensions over school prayer”

    Florida Times-Union: The board will discuss a proposed policy change on how non-school entities use campus property. It would require the groups to meet at least 30 minutes before or after school lets in or out and also asks for event organizers to provide the board with the names, addresses and birth dates of adult attendees 10 days before any gathering. Board Chairwoman Carol Studdard said that should make it possible for Green Cove Springs pastor Ron Baker to continue praying with students and parents at Clay schools. The board stopped that last fall, and that led to the ongoing public outcry and scrutiny.

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Strict Scrutiny for Every Law? Remembering the Real Carolene Products

Unioto, ACLU near deal to avert bullying lawsuit

Sex selection ads are a recognition of Canada’s indifference to the baby industry

Analysis: A Romney pick for top U.S. court? Frontrunners emerge

Morocco govt riven by debate over media guidelines

Joel Oster: Soldiers At Camp Pendleton Have Religious Freedom As Well

The Supreme Court’s Job Is to Protect Americans from Democracy

Tens of thousands protest military’s rule in Egypt

Rasmussen: The Housing Market Is Depressing America, Gov’t Corruption Blamed

    Rasumussen Reports: Consider this: Four years ago, 80 percent of homeowners thought their home was worth more than they paid for it. That number fell to 62 percent last fall and 49 percent today . . . But while the soft economy was the trigger, most homeowners recognize that the underlying cause of the housing crisis was a corrupt relationship between the federal government, elected politicians and well-connected financiers. While the housing market was collapsing, the financiers were getting bailed out.

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OH: Suit challenges marriage ban repeal’s petition text

CLS: “Vanderbilt to Christian student organization: Drop commitment to Jesus Christ for leaders”

Romney has best month in fundraising, topping $12.5M

    The Hill: Romney, who put tens of millions of his own money into the race in 2008, has yet to make any personal loans or donations to his efforts to win the GOP nomination and unseat President Obama in November.

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Atheists complain to Secretary of Navy over Marine squadron name: “Crusaders”

Complaint Filed With IRS Over Homily By Catholic Bishop

Anti-Semitic Comments Against Non-Jew Actionable Under NJ Law

British Court Upholds Ban On Radio Ad To Be Run By Christian Station

‘Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers

Complaint: N.H. P. Parenthood breaking law

Analysis: A Romney pick for top U.S. court? Frontrunners emerge