Canada: Hearing today over TV sports anchor who was fired after backing marriage

Ontario gay ‘rights’ bill heads to committee after 66-33 vote

ADF: Trojan Warfare in Colorado House: A Vote for Civil Unions is a Vote to Redefine Marriage

Colo. Civil Unions Bill Survives Key Vote, Republican Switches Votes

Okla. Legislature passes bill authorizing suits against abortion providers

Sen. Rand Paul knows how to fix the TSA: end it

ACLU, school board at odds in display of Ten Commandments in southwest Va. high school

North Carolina Marriage Amendment Likely to Pass

Wisconsin Recall Amnesia: Why aren’t Democrats running against Scott Walker’s union reforms?

Military religious leaders report pressure, backlash over beliefs

Ohio Senate President Won’t Push Abortion ‘Heartbeat Bill’

State Democratic heads push for marriage redefinition plank in platform

Al-Qaeda sought to bring Islam to Ireland as problems with Catholic Church increased

TN: “Gay Posting in High School Yearbook Causes Outrage”

Islamic militants imposing religious rule in northern Mali

Legal Initiative Targets College Speech Policies

UK High Court authorizes life support withdrawal for motor neurone sufferer

“Govt minister: gay marriage cost Tories at local election”

ADF offers to defend RI World War I memorial cross

Misreporting the Costs of Going to (Some) Law Schools

Indonesia Prosecutes Atheist For Blaspehmy

Positions of Egyptian Presidential Candidates On Religion and State Published

House seeks to intervene in defense of DOMA in military benefits case

Legal group takes aim at U. of Idaho student group policy

Pro-lifers not protected at Western Kentucky U.

Colo. civil unions measure survives key vote |

Colo. civil unions bill passes biggest test yet | ABC13

Parents have responsibilities but no rights: Bulgaria

John Yoo: Litigating for Terrorists: The Obama Admin refused to defend me, now reverse the political polarities

“Gay activist” fined in Russia for spreading propaganda among minors

Gallup poll said teachers unions hurt the quality of education

Liberalism Is Bad for Literature: The Decline of Marriage and Novels

    Mark Bauerlein at Public Discourse: But it worked only as long as a romance had lifelong consequences. One kiss had to mean a decisive pledge or a gross misjudgment. A marriage contract involved transfers of land and money. Marriage itself lasted forever, and escaping a bad one brought lasting ignominy. Once marriage lost its binding character, it no longer served the novel as a significant plot, and without the marriage plot, the novel lost its basis.

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AP: “Romney wanted gay spokesman to stay on the job”

Albert Mohler, Jr.: The case of the lesbian Den Mother: Moral reasoning exposed

Washington Post Poll: Obama leads Romney in Virginia: 51% to 44%

AP: “Impatient gay-rights groups keep pressure on Obama”

Pro-Life Advocates Arrested at White House Backing Chen Guangcheng

Chinese dissident is headache for Communists and dependent Obama Administration

NYC: Potential Mayoral Rivals Promote Bill For Late-Term “Abortion Rights”

Gallup: Catholics’ Presidential Pick Differs by Ethnicity, Religiosity

Woman Who Rescued Chen Guangcheng Released From Custody

China: Chen Guangcheng Can Apply to Study in the U.S.

Egypt: Ayman Zawahiri’s Brother Leads Jihadi Protest Against Military

    Raymond Ibrahim at Middle East Watch: To appreciate this dichotomy—what Islamists are all about and why secularists want no part in Friday’s march—consider who is among the characters spearheading tomorrow’s mass protests: none other than Muhammad al-Zawahiri, the elder brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and a seasoned terrorist in his own right. According to Youm 7, Zawahiri appeared yesterday “at the head of hundreds of protesters,” including “dozens of jihadis,” demonstrating in front of Egypt’s Military Council near Cairo.

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