FedEx employee wins favorable ruling in religious discrimination suit

NH House adopts 24 hour abortion wait period

Obama, on stage with Evan Wolfson, calls for DOMA repeal

Rev. Eric C. Redmond: “Obama, gay marriage & and the black church vote”

Congress pushes to legalize online gambling

Applause erupts at rally as Colo. House Speaker calls civil unions an attack on marriage

No boost for Obama from push to redefine marriage | Reuters Poll

States should fold on Internet gambling

“Quietly, the Republican Party is embracing gays” | KC Star

Piero Tozzi: Sexual Left Gains, Developing Countries Lose at UN Population Meeting

What’s wrong with the European human rights system?

UK: Third Government Minister criticises same-sex ‘marriage’ plans

UK: Poll shows huge public support for Queen’s faith role

PM Blair warned not to say ‘God bless Britain’

“The Gay Divorcees: There Are More Than You Might Think”

Rich Lowry: “Gay Marriage: Not Inevitable”

Gary Bauer: No time to run from marriage issue

Kansas Gov. Brownback signs act allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense abortion drugs

Egypt Brotherhood takes harder line in campaign

Obama calls nation to rebel against God … where are our ministers?

“How Protestantism Redefined Marriage” | Huffington Post

“The economic case for same-sex marriage”

Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn stepped up his public support for redefining marriage

“Gay judge nominee Tracy Thorne-Begland challenged in Virginia”

Canada: “Evangelical leader tells marchers: ‘We cannot afford’ to avoid abortion debate”

Paul Rauker: Personhood Amendments Would Not Successfully Ban Abortions

Extra Embryos? One Family Offers Them on Craigslist

Ohio House to Hear Bill to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Dream Act students, Congressmen sue to stop Senate filibuster

Obama Campaign Hires Religious Outreach Director

Canadian Catholic Bishops Issue Letter On Religious Freedom

OH: Council prayer sparks controversy

    Mount Vernon News: The removal of the invocation from the legislative meeting of Mount Vernon City Council did more than raise a few eyebrows on bowed heads at City Hall on Monday night. Instead of presenting a prayer, typically led by various city pastoral leaders, after the meeting was called to order, City Council President Bruce Hawkins offered the opportunity for those wanting to participate in the prayer to join in prior to the start of the meeting.

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Alabama: “Councilman: Sign help welcome”

Mexican pro-migrant priest flees death threats

An Act of Courage | Conway Daily Sun

    Robert Gillette at the Conway Daily Sun: The past two years have also brought a radical departure from a legislative tradition in which bills were home-grown to meet New Hampshire’s specific needs. Under Speaker William O’Brien, the House is outsourcing the actual writing of its social legislation to special-interest groups like the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a conservative Christian organization based in Arizona and Washington, D.C. (The ADF is also allied with New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta, who co-sponsored House Amendment 95 in February to defund Planned Parenthood.) HB 228 originated in 2011 as a bill explicitly banning all public funding for Planned Parenthood . . . Meanwhile, the ADF and allies regrouped and responded to the Indiana setback with a more intricate attack on Planned Parenthood, with the ironic title of “Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priorities Act.” The new ADF draft law was introduced early this year in as many as a dozen state legislatures including Arizona, Iowa, Oklahoma, Idaho – and New Hampshire.

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Special Circumstances, Special Session at Colorado Capitol [Updated]

Seeking logic in North Korea’s mass spectacles

Obama Mandate Forces First Catholic College to Drop Insurance

Arizona Expands Groundbreaking School Choice Program To Students Attending Failing Schools, Foster Care Children

Study: Repeat Abortions Greatly Raise Breast Cancer Risk

Shift on marriage energizes immigration activists

NY Considers Transgender Discrimination Bill

China slams Britain after Cameron meets Dalai Lama

Explaining Obama’s Evolution: Nice conversion story or years of lies

Shock Poll: Romney now leads among women

Obama Health Plan Will Squeeze the Middle Class

    NCPA Policy Digest: Many people currently get their health coverage from work, and they benefit from an implicit subsidy built into that workplace coverage that lets them spend pretax dollars through their employer to purchase health insurance. Depending on their tax rate, that subsidy helps offset some of the premium costs, says Scott Gottlieb, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Under the Obama plan, however, many of these families could instead find themselves buying their health insurance on the new state-based exchanges that get started in January 2014.

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Robert Knight: A Wicked Marriage Proposal

AZ Sheriff Joe Responds To DOJ Lawsuit: Racial profiling or Obama coverup?

Pat Buchanan: As the Boomers Head for the Barn

WSJ: “Gay? Yay! Straight news gives way to propaganda.”

Brady and Demint: Saying No to State Bailouts

The Union Pension Bomb

    Wall Street Journal (via Google): Imagine the panic if investors discovered that many of the nation’s biggest public companies had hidden liabilities so large as to make them worth a fraction of their value. That’s something akin to the shock created by the recent Credit Suisse report on multi-employer pension plans.

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Backlash grows at N.Y. ruling on viewing of child porn

Emotional testimony couldn’t save Colorado’s civil unions bill