NJ: Christie Vetos Gestational Surrogacy Enabling Legislation

August 8, 2012
Trenton, New Jersey

FROM: National Leadership Coalition Against Exploitation of Women by Use of
Gestational Surrogacy Agreements.

~ New Jersey ~

SUBJECT: Governor Christopher Christie’s Veto of Gestational Surrogacy Enabling
Statute, S 1599 – Drafted by Surrogacy Broker.

CONTACT: Harold J. Cassidy: 732-747-3999

Today, Governor Christie vetoed S 1599, the Gestational Surrogacy Enabling Statute. We admire his statesmanship and thank him for his strong leadership in this critical matter. Governor Christi’s action has national significance on one of the most important issues facing the people of our nation.

Going forward, we shall be urging the legislature to pass legislation, such as S 2032, which adopts the clear recommendations of the New Jersey Bioethics Commission, which urged adoption of legislation which prohibits gestational carrier contracts, reaffirms their unenforceability in our courts, creates deterrence of such arrangements by criminal penalties for commercial brokers and creates special rules for the award of custody where deterrence fails.

The carefully drafted 171 page report issued by the Bioethics Commission was ignored by the surrogacy broker who drafted S 1599.

We believe it is not an overstatement to observe that if gestational surrogacy enabling laws were to be widely adopted, it would irreparably change human civilization. In order to embrace any form of surrogacy, our culture would have to adopt two radical assumptions as morally acceptable:

1. That we should go back to a time when women’s role in society is viewed as one
where they bear children for men and have no right to the custody of the
children they bear; and

2. Mothers provide nothing of particular value in the lives of the children to whom
they give birth.

The legislation recommended by the New Jersey Bioethics Commission, S2032, should
be adopted and signed into law to protect women and children against exploitation and

Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D
Emerita Professor of Psychology
Author of fourteen feminist books, including “Sacred Bond,” her acclaimed work on surrogacy, and
other important works on the role of women as mothers
Kathleen Sloan
National Organization for Women (NOW) Board of Directors
NOW’s representative at the United Nations
Harold J. Cassidy, JD
Former member of New Jersey Bioethics Commission
Chief Counsel for the mother in the two most important surrogacy cases, Baby M case and AGR v.
SH and DRH
Len Deo
New Jersey Family Policy Council
Phyllis Schlafly
President and Founder
Eagle Forum
Jennifer Lahl
President and Founder
The Center for Bioethics and Culture
Angelia G. Robinson
Gestational Surrogacy mother of twin girls born in 2006, who successfully fought in NJ Courts to
preserve her relationship with her daughters she gave birth to (over four years in court).
Janice Shaw Crouse
Senior Fellow
Beverly La Haye Institute
Concerned Women for America
Robert P. George, MTS, Ph.D., JD
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Princeton University
Marie Tasy
Executive Director
New Jersey Right to Life
Greg Quinlan
New Jersey Family First
Heather Heck
Gestational Surrogate Mother who has given birth as a result of multiple gestational surrogacy
Richard F. Collier, Jr., JD
Legal Center for the Defense of Life
Christopher Bell
Good Counsel, Inc.
Homes for mothers and babies since 1985
Larry Cirignano
New Jersey Faith and Freedom
Christine Flaherty
Executive Director, Lifenet
Carolee Adams
Eagle Forum – New Jersey
Rev. Dean Gavaris
Executive Director
Gateway Pregnancy Centers