Mandates, Decrees, and Bioethics Liberty | Alan E. Sears at Holy Apostles College

Alan Sears at Holy Apostles College: Seriously, I am truly honored to be here tonight, honored to address in the name of the Blessed John Paul the II – you, my fellow followers of Christ in this age of much uncertainty, about some of the defining issues of our time: the sanctity of life, bioethical issues, marriage, and the
struggle to preserve freedom of conscience and religious liberty.The 19th century Russian writer, Fyoder Dostoevsky once wisely said: “If God is dead all things are permitted.” My friends, we live in age — particularly right now in history during a crucial election year – where a political and legal battle wages about the law and the meaning of life: what it is, when it begins, and what our responsibilities are to nurture and protect it — or to extinguish or prevent it.