Campaigning for God | Rev. Matthew Stewart at Herald News

Rev. Matthew Stewart at Herald News: I’ve been interested over the past few months to watch the group of American pastors called the Alliance Defending Freedom, who organized an event they called Pulpit Freedom Sunday. On this day, these pastors publicly endorsed political candidates from the pulpit. They then sent their sermons in to the Internal Revenue Service, in deliberate protest of the IRS’s policy that tax-exempt organizations like churches need to refrain from endorsing political candidates. Now, on the one hand, I really do admire what these pastors are doing, standing up for what they believe to be the truth (and risking a whole lot of their church’s money in doing it). All throughout history, faith communities have needed to stand up for their rights vis-à-vis the state and, though I don’t think the Alliance Defending Freedom’s cause puts them in the same league as Thomas Becket or Óscar Romero, I do think there is something to be said for their courage. But, on the other hand, I think the Alliance Defending Freedom is misguided.