Update! Kansas Supreme Court Staffer Attacking Phill Kline Has Been Dismissed

LifeSiteNews: Research attorney suspended for nasty tweets about Phill Kline: Report
The Associated Press is now reporting that the research attorney who tweeted nasty and disparaging comments about Phill Kline – Sarah Peterson Herr – was suspended Friday morning, pending an investigation.

LifeNews: As the Kansas Supreme Court met this morning to hear oral arguments in the ethics case against former State Attorney general Phill Kline, an appellate court clerk was tweeting disparaging messages about Kline from the Court that indicated she may have inside information on how the seven-member panel would rule. Tweeting under the screen name “sparklylillife”, Sarah Peterson Herr tweeted, “It’s over…sorry. I did like how the district court judges didn’t speak the entire time. Thanks for kicking out the SC Phil! Good call!”