‘Unskewed Polls’ founder claims Obama stole election

Washington Post: BarackOFraudo.com lists Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia as states “won by Voter Fraud.” Slate’s David Weigel talked to Chambers, who pointed to some overwhelmingly Democratic districts and the way Virginia’s votes came in as signs of voter fraud. Both are easily explainable without any conspiracy theories.

Detailed vote listings at BarackofFraudo.com

Florida – While winning by a mere 73,858 votes in Florida, the margin in Broward County was 263,698 votes, where Obama won 507,430 to 243,732 including several divisions where Obama won more than 90 percent of the votes.
Ohio – Romney received 0 votes in 9 Cleveland divisions
Pennsylvania – Romney received 0 votes in 59 Philadelphia divisions
Virginia – When they finished counting the votes in the state, at the last minute the total went to 51.1 percent to 47.4 percent in favor of Obama, after showing a lead of 1-4 percent lead in favor of Romney the entire night. That raises the question, where in the state where those last voters counted from and reported from?