Nigeria car bombs kill at least 11 at church

Obama Nominates Three for Judgeships in Eastern Pennsylvania

Polish Court Nixes Ritual Animal Slaughter

Ohio Senate Puts End To ‘heartbeat’ Abortion Bill

Germany: No Patenting Of Human Embryonic Stem Cells, If Obtained Through The Destruction Of Human Embryos

Ohio Supreme Court lets legislative map stand

Sweden’s insane anti-discrimination laws have created a generation of lost women

Pro-life student group rejected at B.C. university: threatens to sue

Government will act ‘speedily’ to legalize abortion: Irish Labour Party

Republicans Will Win When They Re-Focus on Family Values | Ken Connor at LifeNews

    Ken Connor at Life News: In the wake of President Obama’s decisive reelection, the GOP is engaged in some serious soul-searching. Pundits on the Right and Left are cautioning Republicans that their party is facing extinction unless some major changes are made. They maintain it’s evolve or die for the GOP. The question is, how much can an institution change without losing its identity? If “change” for the Republican Party means ceasing to stand for the conservative principles that have defined it since the time of Abraham Lincoln, is that what Republicans want? Is that what America needs?

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More Than 400 Women Have Died From Legal Abortions Since 1973

    LifeNews: Abortion numbers, rates, and ratios for 2009 have been released by the government’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC), indicating significantly fewer abortions than found in the previous year’s report. And while the decrease is most welcomed, the abortion industry likes to act as if women no longer died from abortion once it became legal. In fact, CDC reports that twelve more women died in 2008, the most recent year for which the CDC had data, and more than 400 women have died from legal abortion since 1973.

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“Rick Warren on Gay Marriage: ‘Tolerance Does Not Mean Approval’”

Protecting Student Religious Liberty at the West Virginia Legislature | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

Lesbian Republicans are raising their profiles

Obama nominates lesbian Latina judge to Pa. court

Washington likely to remove “husband” and “wife” from marriage certificates

SC: Holiday decorations snatched from Spartanburg yards

Illinois: Parties try to avoid lawsuit over rejected Nativity scene

    Daily Herald: The Arlington Heights Park District and the Thomas More Society said Monday they are hopeful their dispute over a Nativity scene for the Arlington Heights holiday display won’t reach the lawsuit stage, but attorneys have not yet reached a solution. On Friday the Thomas More Society filed a complaint with the Arlington Heights Park District because it rejected a Nativity scene for the annual holiday display in North School Park. The park district said it rejected the offer in part because it uses only its own lights for the display and because the theme of the display is children’s toys.

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CT: Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene

ACLU sues over policy barring women from ground combat

Marines will start requiring women to do pull-ups

A Challenge for Female Marines: Grueling Infantry Officer Course too much for only two women who volunteered.

    Michael O’Hanlon at the Wall Street Journal: As for the two women who started in September, one passed the initial “combat endurance test” and the other failed (as did 26 of the 107 male recruits). The test is akin to an Ironman competition combined with examinations of core infantry fighting skills. The woman who failed was (and remains) a remarkable Marine officer. She was extremely fit and had no trouble with the endurance aspects of the test. Her poise under stress and uncertainty was also impressive. But her upper-body strength wasn’t adequate for the several parts of the test requiring intensive use of the arms, back and shoulders.

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Washington: “Gay-marriage Q&A”

Maine: Judge finds in favor of Orono schools over transgender girl’s use of bathroom

Rand Paul: I Won’t Break the No-Tax-Increase Pledge I Made to the People

Wisconsin Right to Life proposes stricter abortion regulations

Baby-Boom or Birth-Dearth: Troubling Trends in the United States

Forget the Gender Gap, America Has a Fertility Voting Gap

Abortions fall to historic low in Ohio

Anti-abortion group wants ultrasound images on state website

“Gay men sue counselors who promised to make them straight”

Saudi ‘Propaganda Center’ Opens in Vienna

Republicans and the Tax Pledge: Grover Norquist is not the problem in Washington.

Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt

Catholics imprisoned in Mali for refusing to listen to Muslim sermon

A Sixth Sense: 6th Circuit Has Surpassed the 9th as the Most Reversed Appeals Court

Perry names chief of staff to Supreme Court

Saudi-Backed Interreligious Center Opens In Austria

Reason and Compassion in the Marriage Debate | R.J. Snell at Public Discourse

Appeals Court Reverses Denial of Name Change After Gender Reassignment

Republicans Oppose Vote On UN Disability Treaty — Could Harm Parental Rights

UN Committee Calls For Ban On Female Circumcision

More Employers Embrace High-Deductible Health Plans to Pare Costs

Sandra Fluke Nominated for Time’s Person of the Year

France To Recognize Palestinian State At UN

Same-sex marriage I: The constitutional standard

    SCOTUS Blog: This is the first article in a four-part series explaining the constitutional controversy, now awaiting the Supreme Court’s attention, over same-sex marriage. At its private Conference on Friday, the Court is scheduled to consider ten separate petitions seeking review of lower court decisions on that issue. Eight of the petitions deal with the constitutionality of a 1996 federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, as it applies to gays and lesbians who are already legally married under state law. One petition deals with a similar state law adopted in 2009 in Arizona for state employees. And the tenth involves the constitutionality of California’s “Proposition 8,” a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage in that state. Today’s first article in the series deals with the choice of a constitutional “standard of review” — that is, the test to be used to judge the validity of any of these laws. Later articles in the series will deal with the legal arguments for and against same-sex marriage, and with the options the Justices have as they consider the ten petitions.

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Gays Against Nudity | William Saletan at Slate