Disability Treaty Goes to Senate Floor

Sweden bans mention of Jesus at kids’ Advent services

“Couples from across Illinois Urge Passage of Marriage Fairness Law” | Lambda Legal

MN: Annex Medical asks Federal Court to put Obamacare Mandate on hold

Kansas Judicial Nominating Commission kicking sand in Brownback’s face?

Obama determined to fill federal judgeships

Church of England urged urgently to revive female bishops plan

Ignoring 12 U.S. abortion deaths to push ‘safe and legal’ abortions in Ireland

What has 40 years of abortion done to America?

Fla. court sides with teen who wants abortion without parental consent

New law school dean at Catholic U.

Italy appeals European court’s ruling on embryo screening

Norquist: Pledge Wavering Republicans Are Democratic Pawns

The real reason IVF is facing possible legalization in Costa Rica

Homeschooling: Freedom’s Last Stand

Vermont Governor Promises Push to Make Assisted Suicide Legal

NH: “1st Transgender Elected To Office Asked To Resign: Lawmaker was convicted felon for credit-card fraud”

Poland Recognizes Same-Sex Unions’ Tenancy Rights

6th Circuit: Appeal filed after prayer injunction denied

Group Honors Pro-Life Women Conceived in Rape, Keeping Their Baby

How Many Women Have Pro-Life Laws Saved?

Hijab Allowed in Turkey Islamic Schools

Malaysia: Puteri Umno calls for stern action against belittling of Islam

Texas out to Seize Warren Jeffs’ Polygamist Ranch

Miss. abortion clinic again seeks to block law

Chief Justice Roberts accuses U.S. lawyer of being disingenuous

Challenge To Contraceptive Coverage Mandate By Pittsburgh Diocese Dismissed On Ripeness and Standing Grounds

Calif. Schools A War Zone For Christian, Parental Rights

ACLU Files Brief in Support of City of Philadelphia in Boy Scouts Lawsuit

Saving Free Elections | Robert Knight at Townhall

    Robert Knight at Townhall: Pawing through the ashes of the Romney defeat, it’s clear that if the Republican Party wants to compete nationally, it has to do several things, such as re-message timeless traditional values, attract more young and minority voters, particularly Hispanics, and do a better job of getting out the vote. But this will be moot if the integrity of the voting process is not restored.

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Egypt Court Sentences 8 to Death Over Prophet Film

Teachers Unions vs. Black Kids | WSJ

Hope and Exchange: The feds blame the states for refusing to become ObamaCare subsidiaries.

Four-D Ultrasounds Show Videos of Unborn Children | Steven H. Aden at American Thinker

Court: American Arab Chamber of Commerce Can Be Named in Suit by Christian Missionaries

Why the Battle for Family Must Go On | Alan Sears at Townhall

Commission sides with gay group against Hands On Originals | Lexington Herald-Leader

College Reverses “Christmas” Tree Ban | Todd Starnes, Fox News

College Wants Club to Change ‘Christmas’ to ‘Holiday’ for Tree Sale Fundraiser

College: Students Can’t Sell “Christmas” Trees | Todd Starnes, Fox News

Minn. men renew fight to preach at holiday event | First Amendment Center

Senate Dems Rally For Rice Against GOP Opposition

GOP Divide Surfaces Early In 2014 Senate Contest

Minn. taxpayers illegitimately charged for elective abortions | Alliance Defending Freedom

Tibetan Protests Against Chinese Rule In New Phase

Germany: Won’t Back Palestinian State At UN

Egyptian Court Suspends Work To Protest Morsi Move

Dutch To Scrap Blasphemy Law On Insulting God

Teacher test fraud opens the door to school choice in Arkansas

Montana legislator’s bill would require teaching intelligent design in public schools

GOP debates stance on abortion as it looks to expand its voting base

San Francisco to 9th Circuit: We want to move quickly to issue same sex “marriage” licenses

“Same-sex marriage II: The arguments for” | SCOTUS Blog