Alliance Alert Publication Schedule and SCOTUS Review of Marriage Cases Tomorrow

    The Alliance Alert will not be published on Friday, November 30, 2012. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to consider several petitions in marriage cases tomorrow. Visit SCOTUS Blog for updates and commentary. The Alert will have further coverage on Monday Morning.

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Palestinians Win Statehood Status at U.N. Over U.S. Objections

U.S. Birth Rates Hit Record Lows

Senator Blasts ‘Secret’ Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

India: Twelve convictions for anti-Christian violence in Orissa, but “much remains to be done”

Church of England facing ‘major constitutional crisis’

SCOTUSblog tries again to get credentialed to cover the Supreme Court

Toronto nativity scene vandalized for fifth time in six years

Feds want answers from Kansas abortion opponent

Ireland: Halappanavar family to take case to European court

Colleges and the Tyranny of Good Intentions

The Constitutional Opening: The Sebelius ruling on the Medicaid mandate gives states an important way out.

UK: Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveals how children are put on end-of-life plan

UK: Marriage breakdown is key cause of social decline

UK: “Majority in favour of referendum on same-sex marriage”

Bioethics expert warns against GM babies plan

“Taipei court holds hearing in gay marriage appeal”

“Md. issues legal opinion on gay marriage licenses”

Memo To The ACLU: Don’t Put Women Into Combat

“Gender Identity” Debuts in a UN Resolution

Sixty-Year Christmas Tradition Restored: Nativity Scene to Be Displayed Following Successful AFLC Lawsuit

Philadelphia legislation would offer tax credits for health benefits to same-sex partners

Boeing feels heat over same-sex survivor pensions

Abortion debate reaches fever pitch in Ireland: govt under heavy pressure

What the Irish abortion tragedy means for the U.S. | Julie F. Kay at the Chicago Tribune

OH senator says Romney loss sunk ‘heartbeat’ bill

American Islamic group repudiates death sentence on Gainesville pastor

Islam’s status unchanged in Egypt draft constitution

“Canada poised to partially lift ban on gay men giving blood”

Calgary Catholic schools to offer HPV vaccine despite bishop’s opposition

Push for Assisted Suicide in Canada, UK Ignores Involuntary Euthanasia

Analysis: Why Did Abortions Decline 5% in the CDC Report?

Palestinians Certain To Win Recognition As A State

Courts To Hear Challenges To Obama Appointments

Freethought Today gets restaurant ‘church discount’ | Freedom from Religion Foundation

Illinois: Suit Challenges Village’s Policy That Excludes Religious Programs In Community Rooms

Group Has Standing To Sue Over Jesus Statue On Montana Forest Service Land

Pro-Lifers Win First Appeals Court Victory Against HHS Mandate

“Minnesota Anti-Choice Activists File Frivolous Lawsuit Against Medicaid-Funded Abortions” | Robin Marty at RH Reality Check

How will SSM affect religious freedom? | Joel Oster on Faith Matters in Maine

Islamist-led Assembly Votes On Egypt Constitution

Court Halts Mandate for Tyndale House Publishers | Tyndale House Publishing

Republicans Shouldn’t Abandon the Pro-Life Movement | Kathleen Hunker at the Bell Towers

College says students can’t sell ‘Christmas’ trees | Ed News linking to MyFoxBoston

The Danger of International Internet Regulation | Heritage Foundation

The EPA vs. State Economies

Governor of Rhode Island Removes “Christmas” Again | Liberty Counsel

Zurich to open drive-in sex boxes

After the Crack-Up: Conservatives need to support their arguments with creative storytelling.

Lawsuit: Minn. improperly pays for abortions | AP

Minnesota Exploiting Ruling to Force Taxpayer Funded Abortions | Life News

    LifeNews: “The critical taxpayer dollars of Minnesotans should not be used for medically unnecessary abortions, nor should such funding be used to take the lives of more African-American babies than other babies,” said lead counsel Chuck Shreffler, one of nearly 2,200 allied attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom. “The reporting statistics are unambiguous,” added Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden, who is co-counsel in the case. “The state is indisputably funding medically unnecessary abortions in violation of state law, and 40 percent of the abortions are being executed on African-Americans even though they make up only 5 percent of the state’s population. This lawsuit intends to stop this from continuing.”

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Same-sex marriage III: The arguments against

    SCOTUS Blog: This is the third of four articles explaining the constitutional controversy, now awaiting the Supreme Court’s attention, over same-sex marriage.  The Court is scheduled to consider ten petitions on that issue at its private Conference tomorrow.  This articles discusses the legal arguments against same-sex marriage.  The final article tomorrow will discuss the options the Court has in considering the cases.  The first article in this series can be found here, and the second article is here.

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