Ontario: ‘Transgender’ teen girl wins access to boy’s high school bathroom

Murder attempt on missionary in Pakistan

Helena council supports anti-discrimination rule

Oklahoma Supreme Court tosses abortion ultrasound law

Persecuted need U.S. help, advocates say

Activists renew push for expanded access to ‘emergency contraception’

South African Provincial MP accused of hate speech for views on homosexuality

During Lame Duck, Senators Confirm One Judge and Agree to Vote on Another

Poll: Marriage downgrade in society concerns public

“Judges at odds over new law that bans gay conversion therapy for teens”

“Judge Temporarily Blocks Calif. Gay Therapy Law”

Pharmacist Conscience Rights Under Attack

Just How Potent Are Teacher Unions? State by State

“That’s Indoctrination! Everything your suburban fourth-grader needs to know about gay marriage”

    Kevin D. Williamson at National Review: Next week, fourth-grade students at Penn Valley Elementary School in the gilded Philadelphia suburb of Lower Merion will spend part of their school day watching and discussing a very clever piece of cinematic propaganda courtesy of organized homosexuality. The film is called That’s a Family!, and it is endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign along with other homosexual activist groups.

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Too Good to Be True: An ObamaCare challenge that’s almost certain to fail. | James Taranto at WSJ

Court showdown over recess appointments

Morsi flees the palace

“Gay rights ordinances pushed in small Kentucky towns”

“Central Pa. GOP lawmaker Mike Fleck comes out as gay”

Being transgender no longer a ‘mental disorder’: APA

“Illinois poll of Hispanics finds agreement with GOP on guns, gays, abortion”

TX: Same-sex benefits in Pflugerville district to go before school board

“Appeal Vowed in Nevada Same-Sex Marriage Ruling”

Lawyers ask Wis. court to rule in prayer death

The Battle Over Reparative Therapy Has Two Sides | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Atheists Trying to Shut Down Congressional Prayer Caucus

Conservative groups rebel against John Boehner – Conservatives booted off committees

Women Who Have Abortions More Likely to Suffer From Substance Abuse: Study

Unhappy Egyptians Given 2 Weeks to Consider Divisive Constitution That Elevates Shari’a

Riot act read to school censoring 1st grader’s poem | Ed News

Thousands ready to march on Egypt president palace

Justice Scalia Kicks Off New Georgetown Center for the Constitution

ACLU sues to block Georgia’s fetal pain abortion ban

ACLU files complaint against judge who gave church sentence

God versus government | Wendy McElroy at Future of Freedom Foundation

U.S Senate Defeats CRPD Treaty That Would Promote Abortion

Sixth Circuit to Hear Oral Argument in Case of Christian Woman Fired by University for Speaking Out against Homosexuality

Planned Parenthood and the Government v. Religious Liberty and Women’s Wellbeing

People Can Be Religious in Business | Matt Bowman at National Review

Turkey Fines TV Station For Insulting Religious Beliefs Through Broadcast of Simpsons Episode

Israeli Civil Court Asserts Jurisdiction Over Same-Sex Couple’s Divorce

SCOTUS: Temporary gov’t taking is not exempt from Takings Clause analysis

Holder To Help Launch Alliance Against Pedophilia

“Gay Cure” Bans: Free to Choose, but Only One Choice Allowed?

The Deepest Source of Our Troubles

    Paul. A. Rahe at Ricochet: The heart of the matter is this. As a people — thanks in part to our astonishing prosperity, thanks in part to technological change, and thanks in part to the ordinary human propensity for self-indulgence — we have abandoned the notion that impulse-control is a thing both good and necessary, and we have abandoned it in a sphere that is fundamental. We are creatures of habit. In the absence of sexual self-control, there is apt to be very little self-control of any kind.

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Sen. McCain calls abortion argument against disability treaty ‘bad politics’

McGurn: A Lincoln Chafee Christmas: Diversity isn’t aided by calling the state spruce a ‘holiday tree.’

British Scouts Consider Change To Let Atheists In

Merkel Re-elected Party Head By A Landslide

Marriage, Biology, and Federal Benefits | Courtney G. Joslin at UC Davis Law

Saving the Preachers: The Tax Code’s Prohibition on Church Electioneering (2012) | Nicholas P. Cafardi at Duquesne U.