GOP Senator to Step Down, Paving Way for D.C. Judicial Nominee

Senate Moving on Stalled Judicial Nominees

Vermont governor ‘confident’ assisted suicide will pass next year

New British legislation will end ban on Catholics in royal family

Put ‘Choose Life’ Plates on Road | Catholic New York

London: Application for mega mosque thrown out by council

Canada: Sex selection: discrimination or reproductive rights? (Video)

Abortion Clinic Botches IUD Insertion, Woman Rushed to Hospital

Court Rules Obama HHS Mandate Doesn’t Protect Religious Liberty

“Christian Anti-Choice Groups Sue For More Federal Subsidies” | Care2

Why Don’t Parents Name Their Daughters Mary Anymore? Understanding the rapid decline

New Study Evaluates Census Data on Children in Same-Sex Households

Are Bestiality Laws Justifiable? Some Constitutional Analysis

Petition filed with SCOTUS in NV marriage litigation | Dale Carpenter at the Volokh Conspiracy

Contraceptive Coverage Challenge By NY Archdiocese Survives Standing and Ripeness Challenge

West Point Cadet Resigns Over School’s Promotion of Religion

Report On Enhancing Accountability of Religious Organizations Released

Transgenders break into Brazil’s modeling sector

Riots Hint At Potential Chaos In Tunisia’s Future

Nobel Literature Winner Says Censorship Necessary

Chile Tells Un Court Its Border With Peru Is Fixed

Appeals Court to Hear Battle Over Law Silencing Pregnancy Centers

Kansas Rep. Huelskamp charges Boehner punished him and others for conservative votes

Federal Appeals Court Likely To Invalidate Obama’s Recess Appointments | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

    Ken Klukowski at Breitbart: President Barack Obama made headlines months ago when he installed controversial nominees to key government positions, bypassing the U.S. Senate by declaring the Senate in recess so that Senate confirmation was not needed. Today a federal appeals court signaled that it might rule Obama’s move unconstitutional, and remove those officials from power.

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Custody Case in Scotland Goes Before U.S. Justices

Baby Jesus, donkey stolen from Frostproof nativity scene

Hawaii: Lawsuit threat cancels Christmas concert

CA: Seniors decry ban on Christmas tree in their complex in Newhall

Court: City of Duluth violated court order by reimposing First Amendment ban | Alliance Defending Freedom

Why is the United Nations Foundation Bashing Pro-Life Advocates? Life Legal Defense Foundation Responds

Conservative blog calls on GOP to depose Boehner

McConnell pushes back against super-PAC donor disclosure

Clinton faces pressure to address abortion law on Ireland trip

Mexican Supreme Court rules state must redefine marriage

Military halts clashes as political crisis grips Egypt

Contraception and Women’s Wellbeing: Physical Health, Happiness, and Religion | Helen Alvare at Public Discourse

    Helen Alvare at Public Discourse: In the first part of this series, I described a new alliance formed between our national government and Planned Parenthood, effecting an unprecedented campaign against religious liberty in the United States–and threatening female wellbeing at the same time. Yesterday I considered three lines of response: that contraception isn’t the only way to plan a family, that contraception leads to sexual disillusionment, and that contraception weakens the marriage culture at the expense of the least well-off women. Today I enlarge upon the argument that less-privileged women will bear the brunt of large-scale, government-promoted contraceptive programs. I also consider two other arguments: that some contraception has problematic side effects for some women, and that contraception does not manufacture female happiness as its proponents suggest. I conclude by considering how religion contributes to several of the aspects of women’s flourishing that contraception was promised to–but failed to–promote.

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Reid blocks Senate vote on Obama’s deficit-reduction plan

Businesses Cutting Hours, Bracing for Costs of Obamacare

Gallup: 53 Percent of Democrats Have ‘Positive Image’ of Socialism

DeMint leaving Senate to head Heritage Foundation