Will court override ‘Choose Life’ license plate? | Alliance Defending Freedom

Study: Guttmacher inflated Mexican abortion rate

MI: Abortion restrictions pass legislature through Blue Cross bill

“EMU resolves case of Julea Ward, former student kicked out of program for declining to counsel gay client” | AnnArbor.com

“EMU to pay $75,000 to social work student Julea Ward who refused to counsel gay client” | Detroit Free Press

Egg and sperm without love and sex

UK government and the European Court of Human Rights are on a collision course over prisoner votes

Guttmacher Institute overestimates abortions by over 1000%: study

Texas Conservatives Plan More Anti-Abortion Legislation

Federal court begins hearing on Senate filibuster challenge

Illinois: “Quinn hopes lawmakers to send him gay marriage bill next month”

The Sebelius Coverup: Obamacare’s insurance exchanges need scrutiny.

UK: Peers to vote on ‘insult’ law this week

UK: Plans to redefine marriage will outlined on Tuesday

Kenya: The Marriage Bill

Welsh ministers David Jones and Stephen Crabb oppose marriage redefinition

EMU student achieves final victory after court rules ‘tolerance is a two-way street’ | Alliance Defending Freedom

Is abortion in Christianity a mistranslation of Bible? | Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at Jerusalem Post

Michigan bills could limit access to abortions

“California gay couples hoped Supreme Court would avoid same-sex marriage case”

Merck Foundation Stops Giving To Boy Scouts

Court Rejects Quaker’s Challenge To Tax Procedures Invoked After Anti-War Withholding Of Amounts Due

FBI Releases 2011 Hate Crimes Data; 19.8% Are Motivated By Anti-Religious Bias

Studies Show Abortion May Increase Premature Death, Breast Cancer Risk

“Why Obama must weigh in again on gay marriage” | Greg Sargent at the Washington Post

Abortion’s Backdoor Maneuver at the U.N.

Pakistanis demand for Islamic system in country

Judge: NC Choose Life Plates Invalid Because No Pro-Abortion Version

Republican Congressman Won’t Challenge Speaker John Boehner

    LifeNews: A conservative GOP congressman announced he will not challenge pro-life House Speaker John Boehner, squelching rumors that the top Republican in Washington will face a contest for his position. The office of Rep. Tom Price’s (R-GA), a pro-life lawmaker from Georgia, told conservative media outlets mid-day today that he will not seek the Speakership in an inter-party fight against Boehner.

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Moral Neutrality, Marriage, and the Supreme Court | Adam J. McLeod at Public Discourse

Houston Co. judge says nativity tradition will continue

How European “Hate Speech” Laws Are Threatening Freedom of Speech | Paul Coleman

    Paul Coleman at IntoleranceAgainstChristians.eu: Summarizing what appears to be the popular position on “hate speech” laws, two judges of the European Court of Human Rights recently held that “extremist opinions can bring much more harm than restrictions on freedom of expression.” This book seeks to challenge this prevailing orthodoxy by detailing the stark history of the internationalization of “hate speech” laws, their present day application and their possible future. Over thirty “hate speech” cases are discussed and a fully up-to-date compendium containing hundreds of European “hate speech” laws is included.

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“School serious about secularity deletes God from first grader’s poem” | MSN.com

North Carolina Elementary School Removes ‘God’ from First-Grader’s Poem (includes video) | Fox News

George Will: University Campuses Train Students To Support Censorship | Jordan Lorence at SpeakUp Movement

“Supreme Court: Both sides in gay marriage debate voice optimism” | Christian Science Monitor on Yahoo News

ADF honored for protecting freedom | One News Now

Dutchman launches life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark

European Union Receives Nobel Peace Prize

Former Abortion Worker: I Held Up Feet to Check the Dead Baby’s Age

“Supreme Court Unlikely To Deliver Gay-Marriage Mandate” | Daniel Fisher at Forbes

US Supreme Court asked to weigh in on strange ruling against NY town’s prayer policy | Alliance Defending Freedom

Who owns marriage? | Scott Shackford at USA Today

Next Civil Rights Landmark | NY Times Editorial

    NY Times: Fifty-eight years after it banned discrimination in public education, the Supreme Court has set the stage for the defining civil rights decision of this era — agreeing to hear two cases challenging laws that define marriage to exclude couples of the same sex. To us, and a growing number of Americans, the right course seems clear: that the justices continue the march toward real equality.

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Commentary on marriage grants: Article III & same-sex marriage | Neal Devins and Tara Grove at SCOTUS Blog

Commentary on marriage grants: Different ways of splitting the difference – the menu of options in Hollingsworth v. Perry | Kenji Yoshino at SCOTUS Blog

Commentary on marriage grants: Opportunity for the Court to right some wrongs | William Duncan at SCOTUS Blog

Egypt’s Predictable Unraveling: The Brothers are playing for keeps.

Western European governments marginalizing Christians – Helsinki Commission briefing Monday