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  • Posted: 12/11/2012
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WHO Using Backdoor Methods to Push Abortion at the UN

Mennonite firm sues over Obamacare contraception coverage

UVA Forces Students To Remove Dorm-area Christmas Trees (video)

Marriage and Self-Government | National Review Editors

Is It Too Soon For A Gay Marriage Court Battle? | NPR

“Glenn Beck Pretending To Support Marriage Equality To Expand Republican Party”

Christianity in England on the decline – census

Marriage Carries a Public Purpose | Jordan Lorence at USA Today

Pharmacists in Illinois Won’t Be Forced to Dispense Plan B Drug

Berkeley Students Attempt to Ban Salvation Army Bell Ringers from Campus | Heather Hacker

Steny Hoyer: The Debt Limit ‘Is Not Real’

“Married lesbian named Academic Dean at UC Hastings”

ID: Twin Falls Councilwoman Suggests Sexual Orientation Policy

GOP mute as Supreme Court tackles marriage

UK: “Govt ignores 500,000 people who said no to gay marriage”

“Women first? Uruguay’s proposed gay marriage law also upends name tradition for straights”

Philippines May Pass Reproductive Health Bill, Precursor to Abortion

Lawsuits against churches ‘inevitable’ with gay ‘marriage’ law: UK Independence Party

Nigeria to Western nations: We’d sooner refuse aid than legalize same-sex “marriage”

Obama administration investigating sergeant who said the Bible condemns homosexuality

Pro-life activist fined $5,000 for ‘trespassing’ on public sidewalk

Court Asks Lawyer To Argue Special Doma Question

University Pays Up For Expelling Christian: Female student booted for not promoting homosexuality | WND

    WorldNetDaily: ADF said even though counseling referrals are a common and accepted professional practice, the university instead chose to expel Ward “when she sought to avoid violating her religious beliefs by referring a potential client to another counselor.” Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco, who argued before the court in October of last year, said public universities “shouldn’t force students to violate their religious beliefs to get a degree.” “The 6th Circuit rightly understood this and ruled appropriately, so the university has done the right thing in settling this case,” he said. “When Julea sought to refer a potential client to another qualified counselor – a common, professional practice that is endorsed by her profession’s code of ethics – EMU denied the referral. Then it attacked and questioned her religious beliefs, ultimately expelling her from the program. We are pleased that Julea and her constitutionally protected rights have been vindicated.”

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Russia: Lower House mulls state control of ‘homosexual behavior’

$822,000 Worker Shows California Leads U.S. Pay Giveaway

Court system braces for layoffs as clock on fiscal crisis ticks

Christie introduces 2 new nominees for N.J. Supreme Court

Iowa Supreme Court to Hear Birth-Certificate Case Brought By Same-Sex Couple

For Marriage Equality, the Work’s Not Just in Court | Evan Wolfson at the NY Times

Michigan legislature approves ‘right-to-work’ law in 58-51 vote

Canadian Court Upholds Required Ethics and Religious Culture Program In Catholic School

Senate lawyers want filibuster challenge dismissed

Teachers Unions Shut Down School Districts to Protest Right-To-Work Law

Feds Seek End Of Religious Birth Control Lawsuit

KS: McPherson backs chaplaincy program

Chaplains concerned about war on Christmas: Navy leadership failed to support religious liberty

The Only Thing Inevitable About Same-Sex “Marriage” is that It’s Not Inevitable | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

If Government Gets Out of the ‘Marriage Business’ You Will Have More, Not Less, Government | Jeremy Dys at Engage Family Minute

Senate GOP Leader Calls On Dems To Spell Out Cuts

Senate Republicans Launch “Stop The Nuclear Option” Website

State Dept. Should Designate Boko Haram a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” | Ben Bull at Townhall

“Grad student who was expelled for refusing to counsel gay client settles for $75,000″ | Daily Caller at Yahoo News

Federal Court Hearing Today in Defense of Tulsa Police Captain Punished for Refusing to Attend Islamic Proselytizing Event at Mosque

Scalia Quizzed At Princeton On Homosexual Issues

Sotomayor Book Offers Personal Look

Both White House and GOP debt plans put US credit rating at risk

MO: Homosexual Activists Push Statewide Vote for Special Rights

Census: UK Getting Less Religious, More Diverse

Iran Arrests 28 Over Links To Religious Networks

Britain outlines plans to redefine marriage

Marriage Matters | Ryan T. Anderson at Ricochet

    Ryan Anderson at Ricochet: Same-sex relationships weren’t on anyone’s radar. (It may be hard to remember, but until just recently same-sex marriage was inconceivable to almost everyone.) The marriage movement leaders’ concern, like that of today’s leading conservative scholars and activists, was much broader . . . The question of whether to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships didn’t take center stage until 2003, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court claimed to find a constitutional right to it.

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Not Dead Yet

    Ryan T. Anderson and Andrew T. Walker at National Review: Regardless of what Will might imagine, support for marriage isn’t a relic of the past. A careful look at the polls reveals complex and dynamic trends. But how those polls change over time will depend on human choice, not blind historical forces. The right question is not what will happen, but what we should do. Would George Will give up market economies if polls showed an “emerging consensus” in favor of socialism? We think not.

  • Posted: 12/11/2012
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Study Shows Soaring STD Rates In Many Areas Of New York City

” Texas, USA: GOP, ‘Values’ Group Try to Eliminate Domestic Partner Benefits” | Gayopolis