Chaplains commend NDAA conference committee for protecting conscience of service members

Possible Hagel Pick Raises Concerns In Senate GOP

Alliance Defending Freedom President Alan Sears on passing of Judge Robert Bork

Anti-Christmas atheists try to short-circuit AZ tree lighting celebration | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Iowa judge rules gvt docs must list mother’s wife as child’s ‘parent’”

MN: “Same-sex marriage supporters want to move quickly on a bill”

Maryland: “State policy will change to allow joint filing for gay couples”

EU lets Catholic Church off its billion-euro tax bill

NH: Judge says girl can remain on boys’ team

NYS Attorney General expands buffer zone against protestors at Utica Planned Parenthood

UK: Charity Commission is picking on Brethren, say MPs

BBC told to feature more homosexuals on children’s tv

Egypt Atheist Blasts Islamist Regime

Ad Hominem Attacks and Amateur Theology on Display in Montana Marriage Dissent

Gallup: 52% Say Boy Scouts Should Not Allow Homosexual Scout Leaders

Honoring Judge Robert H. Bork | Alan Sears at Townhall

All Many Christian Students Want For Christmas This Year Is Their Freedom | Alan Sears

A resounding, and lasting, victory for religious liberty on college campuses | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

UC Berkeley group protests proposed ban of Salvation Army bins

UC Berkeley bans Salvation Army bell ringers

Un-hitching the middle class | Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post

    Kathleen Parker at the Washington Post: “Marriage is not merely a private arrangement; it is also a complex social institution. Marriage fosters small cooperative unions — also known as stable families — that enable children to thrive, shore up communities, and help family members to succeed during good times and to weather the bad times. Researchers are finding that the disappearance of marriage in Middle America is tracking with the disappearance of the middle class in the same communities, a change that strikes at the very heart of the American Dream.”

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Number of Orthodox Church members shrinking in Russia, Islam on the rise – poll

The Church and the Mandate: The strategic situation after a year, and the terrain ahead | George Weigel at NRO

Vatican accord with Taiwan on Catholic education

British politician: ‘consider compulsory abortion’ for Downs babies

Colorado County Cuts Thousands in Funding for Planned Parenthood

Study: Mexico City Legalized Abortions Based on Pro-Abortion Lies

“Gay marriage opponents plan to fight paid surrogacy in 2013″

Conferees Keep Senate’s Abortion Provision In Final Defense Bill

Abortion Activists Attack Pro-Life Group’s Office, Destroy Camera

South Carolina’s New Senator Has a ‘Team’ of Prayer ‘Warriors’ on His Side

Contraception Mandate Taking on Water | Jonathan Adler at the Volokh Conspiracy

Mo. man receives $7,000 after arrest for flag desecration

Kids from mum and dad families do better at school Research showing problems with homosexual parenting continues to grow with the release of a study showing that the children of heterosexual couples are more likely to progress in primary school than children from a same-sex household. The study, “Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress Through School: A Comment on Rosenfeld”, is a re-examination of a study by Michael J. Rosenfeld of Stanford University’s Department of Sociologypublished in 2010. The new study, led by Douglas W Allen, and published by the academic journal Demography, found that the children from a heterosexual household are “35 percent more likely to make typical school progress”.

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How ObamaCare Stole Christmas | Matt Bowman at Townhall

Belgian Euthanasia to Expand to Minors

Right-to-die Group Wants Minn. Charges Dismissed

Russia Gives Initial Ok To American Adoption Ban

Federal Appeals Court Hands Victory to Religious Colleges, Commands HHS to Act Quickly to Fix Mandate | Becket Fund

UK: Home-schooled children face no official support

French psychiatrist sentenced after patient commits murder

Robert Bork, former Supreme Court nominee, dies