WI: Anti-religion group challenges nativity scene

Live Stream: What is Marriage? – Man and Woman: A Defense

Chinese activist held incommunicado under new secret detention law

The Other America Is Still There | Robert Knight at Townhall

    Robert Knight at Townhall: I want to switch gears here from politics to culture, because culture drives politics. Despite the flood of bad news, including 47 million people on food stamps amid a growing underclass, there’s a whole other America out there, swimming under the polluted media like a whale under a stormy sea. You know it’s there because a dorsal fin surfaces from time to time.

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MI: Hathaway to retire after judicial agency calls for her suspension

    Detroit Free Press: Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway announced today she will retire from the bench Jan. 21 after the Judicial Tenure Commission filed a formal complaint calling for her immediate suspension from the bench for alleged “blatant and brazen violations” of judicial conduct rules the commission said were “unprecedented in Michigan judicial disciplinary history.”

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CT: Espinosa Nominated To Be State’s First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice

NY: “Catholic-school teacher was branded ‘worse than gay’ for being transgender: suit” | NY Post

Russian Orthodox Head Urges Careful Balance In New Legislation To Protect Religious Feelings

White House petitioned to label Catholic Church a ‘hate group’

Sneering Social Constructionists | Mark Bauerlein at Public Discourse

FRC Submits SCOTUS Brief on Behalf of 49 Members of Congress in Public Prayer Case

“Supreme Court Looks Ahead to Gay Marriage Cases; Churches Brace for Outcome” | Christian Post

Court of Human Rights overturns Costa Rica’s ban on IVF | BioNews

End of an Era: Supreme Court Won’t Hear Stem Cell Case | Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Supreme Court declines stem cell case

Justices refuse challenge to stem-cell policy | Cheryl Wetzstein at Washington Times

Alliance Defending Freedom to assist King with flag lawsuit

MD: Gallaudet U. reinstates diversity officer who signed marriage petition

MA: Judge Weighs Dismissal Of Ugandans’ Suit vs. American Who Criticized Homosexuality

Abortion hearing told that doctors ‘must be trusted’

Former Judge Challenges Egypt’s Constitution

Unemployment Risks Creating New Divide In Europe

If Judges Aren’t Politicians, What Are They? | Cass Sunstein at Bloomberg

Supreme Court ruling allows stem-cell research to proceed

Case Dismissed: The high court allows President Obama’s expansion of embryonic stem cell research to stand | World Magazine

Supreme Court lets embryonic stem cell research go forward | NBC

Adult Stem Cell Researchers Represented by Jubilee Campaign’s Law of Life Project Express Great Disappointment that the U.S. Supreme Court Declined Today to Hear Their Case to Enjoin Destructive Human Embryo Research