One-fourth of Britain’s Catholic priests join in warning that same-sex marriage could trigger new persecution

The Elementary RFRA Error | Ed Whelan at NRO

Why Conservatives Should End the Debt Ceiling Debate | Albert Mohler

    Albert Mohler: But, do politicians bear all the blame? Not hardly. The public has an insatiable appetite for pseudo-events and a horrified aversion to the truth. Why? We are approaching the point that voters will not deal with the issue because it will cost them their entitlements. They will be glad for their children and grandchildren to pay the catastrophic debt. As Brooks explains: “Ultimately, we should blame the American voters. The average Medicare couple pays $109,000 into the program and gets $343,000 in benefits out, according to the Urban Institute. This is $234,000 in free money. Many voters have decided they like spending a lot on themselves and pushing costs onto their children and grandchildren.

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Nigeria: Should Religious Organisations Pay Taxes?

National Cathedral’s same-sex marriage decision renews old debate, but doesn’t end it

“Business leaders come out in support of gay marriage in Illinois” | Chicago Tribune

Abortion’s Forgotten Victim: The Aborted Baby’s Father

    LifeNews: Everyday more the collective mindset of “rights” gains ground in this country. We see sophisticated advertisements on all media for a myriad of issues – from animal rights to gay rights, from the right to bear arms to women’s reproductive rights. It’s the catchiest of all catch phrases – our rights. Forty years ago, however, the Supreme Court opined that men have zero reproductive rights – none what so ever.

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NY: Activists Rally for Abortion Bill More than 400 people swathed in pink rallied for women’s rights near the Capitol on Monday, with state leaders speaking in support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legislative package addressing gender equality. The 10-point plan Cuomo unveiled during his State of the State last week centers around the Reproductive Health Act, a bill that would cofidy women’s abortion rights.

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French socialist government determined to redefine marriage despite huge demo

NJ: Council to vote on resurrecting prayer at meetings

Hong Kong: “Christians in prayer rally to fight gay law proposal”

FL: National organization objects to Cape council’s opening prayer

Denmark Parliament Denies Hindu Prayer Request

Judge says prison must let John Walker Lindh pray with Muslim group

Iran May Hang Imprisoned U.S. Pastor

Pro-Life Groups Fighting Harry Reid’s Anti-Filibuster Crusade

Pro-life Groups Ask Congress To Stop Abortion Biz Bailout

Diane Abbott: feminism partly to blame for family breakdown

UK: Victory! Public order law reformed for free speech

Scottish Midwives’ abortion conscience appeal may go to Supreme Court

European Court to rule on controversial Christian Freedom cases

Liberty Institute Investigates Demand to Remove School’s More Than 65-Year-Old Display Containing Jesus Portrait

Pastor Faces Lawsuit for Preaching Against Homosexuality

Affirmed Again: First Circuit Upholds Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone

The Federal Judiciary’s PACER is Outdated and Illegal Pricing Harms the Public

    Aaron Greenspan: Most lawyers turn to outrageously priced, subscription information services such as LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law to get their case information. Those services simply compile data from PACER and mark up the cost, which ultimately gets passed on to clients, who pay even more. In other words, most lawyers love PACER because it helps them make money—or they just don’t care either way. Meanwhile, the public is harmed as the cost of litigation soars, and key legal arguments are priced out of reach (especially for pro se plaintiffs who represent themselves).

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RI bill fails to safeguard religious freedom | Alliance Defending Freedom

Widow of Murdered Evangelist in Colombia Killed After Threats

French Protests Opposing Marriage Redefinition Draw Hundreds of Thousands

Lessons from France on Defending Marriage | Ryan T. Anderson at Public Discourse

Contraception coverage heads to high court

Memoir Details Justice’s Difficult Ascent

US Petitions SCOTUS To Rule On Judge Salary Dispute

High court takes up case on compelled speech

Stanford Law School Launches Nation’s Only Religious Liberty Clinic

Woman Arrested for Sprinkling Holy Water at Abortion Clinic

“Charles Cooper: The Other Superlawyer in the Gay Marriage Case”

High School Teacher Sues Over Directive To Remove Religious Materials From Classroom

Marine Corps Judge Advocate Says Base Spouse Clubs Must Admit Same-Sex Spouses

Federal Court Refuses To Enjoin NYC Circumcision Informed Consent Rule

Mennonnite-Owned Business Denied Preliminary Injunction Against Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Turkey Agrees To Return Land To Famous Orthodox Seminary

Generation LGBTQIA

    NY Times: If the gay-rights movement today seems to revolve around same-sex marriage, this generation is seeking something more radical: an upending of gender roles beyond the binary of male/female. The core question isn’t whom they love, but who they are — that is, identity as distinct from sexual orientation . . . The emerging rubric is “L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.,” which stands for different things, depending on whom you ask.
    “Q” can mean “questioning” or “queer,” an umbrella term itself, formerly derogatory before it was appropriated by gay activists in the 1990s. “I” is for “intersex,” someone whose anatomy is not exclusively male or female. And “A” stands for “ally” (a friend of the cause) or “asexual,” characterized by the absence of sexual attraction.

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Safe. Legal. Rare. Cardinal Dolan rightly challenges Gov. Cuomo to lower New York’s abortion rate | NY Daily News

Shuns of Anarchy: The Public Inauguration of a New Moral McCarthyism

Exposing Avenues of Campus Indoctrination | Travis C. Barham

Louie Giglio, the Intolerant Left and the Irreducible Offense of the Gospel | Jordan Lorence

Hobby Lobby Finds Way To Delay Accrual of Affordable Care Act Penalties

Senate Dems: We’ll back Obama if he raises debt limit unilaterally

GOP lawmaker slams federal grant to ‘introduce Muslim cultures to Americans’

“Conservative pastor drops out of Obama’s inauguration because of 1990s anti-gay sermon”

Muzzling Military Chaplains

Sri Lankan Lawyers Denounce Sacking Of Top Judge

Bloomberg wants to change the GOP

New legal services site launched to protect religious organizations from ‘dark legal clouds gathering across our nation’

Ninety Days After Speaking Out on Politics, IRS Ignores Pastors | Erik Stanley at LifeNews

GOP ballot challenge request denied

ACLU and Americans United Challenge New Hampshire State Funding of Religious Schools

Prayer at West Point under fire | Alliance Defending Freedom

Atheists still not gleeful about Christmas | Alliance Defending Freedom

Alabama Supreme Court: Unborn children protected under state’s chemical endangerment law

Court Dismissal | World Magazine