The Fascinating French Coalition to Save Marriage: A Global Trend for SCOTUS?

Canadian law professor calls for legal changes to bring about ‘queering’ of Catholic schools

“More Young People Are Moving Away From Religion, But Why?” | NPR

    NPR (includes audio): One-fifth of Americans are religiously unaffiliated — higher than at any time in recent U.S. history — and those younger than 30 especially seem to be drifting from organized religion. A third of young Americans say they don’t belong to any religion. NPR Morning Edition co-host David Greene wanted to understand why, so he gathered a roundtable of young people . . .

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“Gay-marriage supporters take aim at the South”

First Circuit dismisses ACLU challenge to federal USCCB grant on mootness grounds

Abortion’s Terrible Consequence: The Shrinking Adoption Pool

Montana: “Abortion foes aim to criminalize killing fetus” | San Francisco Chronicle

Belgian doctors euthanize deaf twins who were afraid of going blind

SWF Seeks Benefits: There’s a good reason Social Security favors married couples.

Court: Ariz. education spending must account for inflation

Judge Halts Illinois Mandate of Contraceptives and Abortifacients Coverage in HHS Lawsuit

Utah school district caves to ACLU: book about lesbian parents back on library shelves

Last Mississippi Abortion Clinic Struggles to Stay Open

China’s One-Child, Forced Abortion Policy Not Ending Soon

Oregon House swears in first lesbian House Speaker

Wyoming: “Lawmakers back gay marriage, union bills”

“Va. legislature expected to approve Thorne-Begland, who is gay, for bench”

Oregon, California: Insurance companies must pay for transgender person hormone therapy, breast reduction, cancer screening etc. . .

“Transgender People in Sweden No Longer Face Forced Sterilization”

“Republicans Divided on How to Address Gay Marriage”

“Conservatives Expect Rhode Island To Protect Their Right To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Marriages” | Think Progress

    Think Progress: It seems conservatives will not be holding back in their assault on the rights of same-sex couples, as demonstrated by the testimony Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kellie Fiedorek will offer at today’s meeting: FIEDOREK: Religious freedom belongs to everyone, not just a handful of people. The government cannot limit constitutionally protected religious liberties in a way that’s foreign to our Constitution. This bill fails to ensure that those liberties of every Rhode Island citizen will be respected. The First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom for all Americans is not limited to the four walls of a church.

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Advocacy Group Formed to Push People Into Pro-Abortion Obamacare

It all began in Paradise | Manila Standard Today

Concern Re: Religious Protections In ‘Gay Marriage’ Bill

Anti-religious Groups Not Done With West Point | One News Now

Can We Still Pray at Government Meetings? FRC Social Conservative Review

Law’s Logic at the End of Life | Adam McLeod at Public Discourse

DOMA: House Republicans Poised To Spend $3 Million On Legal Defense

A Survey of Law School Teaching Materials On Religious Liberty, Law and Religion

Arizona Gov. Opts For Federal Medicaid Expansion

“Default” Is a Red Herring in Debt Ceiling Debate

Suicides In Military Rise, Even As Combat Lessens

Sri Lankan Leader Replaces Chief Justice With Ally

Planned Parenthood’s Attack on Women’s Health | Steve Aden at Townhall

Mixed religious-freedom rulings at European Court of Human Rights

Congress has a Constitution problem — many don’t understand document

Smallest State Is Big Marriage Battleground

West Point Prayer Battle Sparks Church Vs. State Debate Over U.S. Military ‘religious Coercion | The Blaze