“Ira Isaacs Sentenced to 48 Months in Prison in Los Angeles Adult Obscenity Case”

GOP weighs abortion and “gay rights” after elections

French Catholic bishops endorsing homosexual unions, undermining pro-family cause, warn activists

D.C. Federal Judge Orders Russia to Pay $50K Per Day in Contempt Sanctions

Vatican official fears ‘moral relativism’ becoming European legal norm

“What If SCOTUS Says ‘No’ to Same-Sex Marriage?” | Nathaniel Zelinsky at Huffington Post

“Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift: Changing the Conversation about Reproductive Rights and Moral Values”

Senate GOP introduces ban on gender-based abortion

Atheists sue IRS for not Enforcing the Johnson Amendment against Pastors | Erik Stanley

Approval of Same-Sex “Marriage” Spells TROUBLE for the Church | Erik Stanley

EU court’s rulings spell trouble for the church and religious liberty

ID: City Of Twin Falls Adds Sexual Orientation To Anti-Discrimination Policy

ID: Sexual orientation policy change passes for Lewiston city employees

    KLEWTV.COM: The Lewiston City Council voted on a policy change that prohibits discrimination against hiring a particular group of citizens. It’s a topic that’s often avoided due to its controversial nature. Members of the Lewiston City Council went back and forth Monday evening, discussing whether or not to add sexual orientation language to the city’s non-discrimination hiring clause.

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Hagel supports benefits for same-sex military couples

“Report shows Bible courses in Texas public schools are biased, lack strong curriculum standards”

Indiana AG plans US Supreme Court brief in support of state’s marriage amendment

RI: House hearing on definition of marriage ends, bill could go to floor next week

Minnesota’s marriage showdown takes shape at Capitol

French campaign in Mali escalates into ground war

WY lawmakers face anti-abortion bills

“As ‘Roe v. Wade’ turns 40, most oppose reversing abortion ruling” | Reuters

McCain chides Egypt’s Morsi over remarks on Jews, but press for more funding

UK Watchdog Fines Playboy For 2 Pornographic Sites

Charities Worry New Tax Law Will Reduce Donations

Psychiatry expert: ‘scientifically there is no such thing as transgender’

Black pro-life leaders developing new strategy to reach black community

Zoning Challenge Fails Under RLUIPA But Succeeds On Other Grounds

Polish Court Upholds Cross Hanging In Parliament

Destructive secular intolerance | Ed Stetzer at Baptist Press

California’s Demographic Dilemma: Where Are The Kids?

Catholic church bombed in Belfast as sectarian tensions revive

Teacher Dismissed After Sharing Bible with Student

Faith, Religious Freedom ‘not Gov’t-driven’ | One News Now

Subsidizing the Slaughter of Innocents | Ken Connor at Townhall

Southwestern Pa. hospital to stop baby deliveries due to Obamacare

Obama Asks Doctors to Help Deal With Guns

Conscientious Abortions? We Don’t Need New Laws Protecting Abortionists | Richard M. Doerflinger at Public Discourse

Rosa Cee Honors 12 Nurses for Defying Hospital Abortion Mandates

Airline worker’s rights breached by crucifix ban, court says

U.K. Equality Laws Trump Personal Religious Beliefs, European Court Says | Huffington Post

European court says U.K. equality laws trump personal religious beliefs

Plumbing Company Sues HHS Mandate, “A Drain on Freedom” | Life News

Obama Admin Loses 10, Wins 4 Contraception Mandate Lawsuits | Christian Post

Obama Declares “Religious Freedom Day” As His Admin Denies It

Obama Admin Still Trying to Force Bible Publisher to Obey HHS Mandate

U.S. Appeals Order Freeing Publisher From Birth Control Rule | Bloomberg

Calif. Porn Actress-turned Teacher Loses Appeal

Elton John, David Furnish Welcome 2nd Son

Republicans versus the Constitution

Argument recap: An ever-shrinking “takings” claim

    SCOTUS Blog: Something really big, and potentially decisive, happened to a major new property rights case between the time the Supreme Court took it on, and Tuesday’s argument by lawyers before the Court. The very idea that an unconstitutional “taking” had occurred to an owner of a small plot of ground in Florida seemed near to vanishing, propelled toward oblivion by a spreading fear on the bench that maybe the entire regulatory apparatus of government might be at risk.

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Vatican: Children should have mom, dad after Italy high court upholds custody for gay mother

The Puzzle of Religious Liberty

U.S. Appeals Order Freeing Publisher From Birth Control Rule

Missouri Business Files Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate | Citizen Link

Gov’t Appeals Judge’s Contraceptive Mandate Ruling | One News Now

“European court rules religion cannot justify anti-gay discrimination” | Washington Blade

Another Small Business Challenge To Federal Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Filed | Religion Clause Blog

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution