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Religious Freedom for the Armed Forces: A Constitutional Promise or Dangerous Threat?

NH: Non-religious ‘opt-out’ for sex education proposed

Summit: Overcoming Pro-Abortion Media Bias

UVA Law Professor Takes Students Inside Office of Solicitor General

Understanding standing: The Court’s Article III questions in the same-sex marriage cases (I) | SCOTUS Blog

“No surrogacy visa for gay foreigners”

KS: “Activists Illegally Trying to Open Tiller’s Old Abortion Clinic”

    LifeNews: A formal complaint has been filed with the City of Wichita against Julie Burkhart and two associated business entities, which presents evidence that remodeling and other work is taking place illegally at a proposed new abortion clinic in Wichita without the proper permits. The complaint requests that an infraction notice be filed and a cease and desist order be issued to halt all construction at the building.

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1 in 3 Illinoisans lives in or near poverty level: report

French Homosexuals Join Demonstration Against Marriage Redefinition

FFRF objects to Washington State Senate prayer that mentions Biblical Wisdom and marriage

    Freedom from Religion Foundation: It is our understanding that Sanne, Pastor of the Calvary Chapel in Olympia, gave an invocation addressed to his “Heavenly Father,” asking the “Lord, [to] bring us back into line with the timeless truths and wisdom of Your Word [the Bible].” Sanne asked his god to “lead us to a blessing, being one nation, under You.” Sanne also took the opportunity to lobby the Senate to overturn the gay marriage bill and referendum, by inviting his deity to “strengthen marriage as You’ve ordained it for our good and Your Glory.” Sanne concluded: “We openly and humbly ask these things in the name of Your Son the Living Savior, Jesus Christ.”

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Christianity after Louie Giglio: Sin, Atonement and “The Elephant in the Room”

America’s Exodus from Marriage

“Church teaching on homosexuality ‘is like justifying slavery’, says evangelical leader”

ACLU opposes Little Rock contract with Rescue Mission

Colorado: Senate GOP introduces ban on gender-based abortion

New Wichita abortion clinic draws 3 doctors

MI: BCBS overhaul reintroduced without abortion language

Election is banned in Islam: Saudi scholar

Va Senate panel kills anti-abortion measure, but rejects Dem repeal efforts

South African Christian college under attack over ex-gay therapy

Louisiana Named Most Pro-Life State, Washington Most Pro-Abortion

Hagel on board of Soros group pushing ‘nuke-free world’ | WND

Russian Official Reassures U.S. Adoptive Parents

Egyptian court sentences Christian family to 15 years for converting from Islam

Supreme Court weighs limits to federal agency powers

State Court Administrator says Iowa Supreme Court has weathered the storm of anti-judicial sentiment

U.S. feels like 1973 with hot abortion issue

Scottis Archbishop: Gov’t doesn’t outlaw all immorality, but it also shouldn’t mandate immorality

U.S. Supreme Court asked to hear Greece lawsuit | Democrat and Chronicle

No appeal to heaven unless a judge approves the prayer: Supreme Court asked to review atheist’s victory

44% Say It’s Too Hard to Adopt A Child in the U.S.

ACLU And Liberty Institute Line Up On Opposite Sides Of The Jesus Portrait Battle In Ohio

ACLU of Kentucky Celebrates Passage of Gender Identity Law in Vicco

MS: Lincoln schools, ACLU in talks on prayer issue

European Court Makes Major Rulings for — and Against — Religious Expression | The New American

White House Argues Tyndale Publishers Is Not Religious, Must Obey Obamacare | Christian Post

NJ Teacher Suspended for Giving Student a Bible, Sharing Verse Read | Christian Post

Judge Weighs Blocking San Francisco’s Nudity Ban

We Must Preserve the Founders’ Classical Vision for Our Nation’s Capital

“Gay-affirmative school-based interventions: Public health benefits and First Amendment concerns”

    Ilan H. Meyer at Balkinization: At the USCCR hearing I was taken by surprise when invitees of the Republican members of the Commission opposed such recommended interventions on behalf of LGBTQ youth. In particular, I was intrigued by concerns that efforts to improve the school environment for LGBTQ students, aimed at reducing stigma and prejudice, raised First Amendment concerns. I was particularly struck by Professor Eugene Volokh’s testimony, which singled out one of my statement to the committee, saying “[O]ne of the things that [Meyer noted] is that one of the dangers to the mental health of gay students is anti-gay stigma and prejudice. I think that’s probably right, but the consequence of that is that if you take that logic seriously, then again speech, whether on campus or off campus, that expresses and contributes to the stigma of prejudice would be punishable.” As a public health researcher I have never seen such concerns voiced.

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Egyptian Press Confirms Washington Infiltrated By Islamists

Larson’s Creationism in the Classroom: Cases, Statutes, and Commentary | New Book

    This casebook explores fundamental legal issues relating to how scientific and religious concepts of biological origins should be presented in public-school biology courses. Although numerous legal arguments are invoked, the Establishment Clause typically stands at or near the center of most disputes: Does teaching Darwinism or creationism, or disparaging them, in public schools promote or hinder religious belief in violation of the First Amendment? In grappling with this question in various forms as presented in differing fact situations over the past half century, American courts have examined the meaning of the Establishment Clause and sharpened their interpretation of it. This is the first and only casebook devoted to this topic, and it is ideal for use in education law programs, constitutional law seminars, and legal history courses.

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Queering Schools, GSAs and the Law: Taking on God | Legal Periodical