Study: Children Of Divorce Less Likely To Practice Religion

Italian teacher under fire after speaking out against homosexual agenda

European Court of Human Rights rules that mother’s parental rights were breached

Roe v. Wade of Latin America? Court Says Killing Unborn Children OK

North Carolina to See Battle Over Obamacare, Abortion Funding

RI House Judiciary to vote on marriage tomorrow

“Obama’s history-making use of the word ‘gay,’ and why it matters”

“Freedom Of Speech And LGBT Rights: Many Traditions Don’t Agree With Homosexuality”

UK: Hundreds of Down’s abortions not recorded by Government

Chicagoans Mourn the Deaths of 55 Million Children

Top lawyer: European judges got Ladele ruling ‘wrong’

Ireland Urged To Tackle Growing Persecution of Christians

Muslims rush from Mosques to destroy Coptic Building

New Zealand: Thousands sign petition to oppose marriage redefinition

“Gay marriage ‘last straw’ as MPs ‘plot’ to oust Cameron”

WA: “Law unclear on judges’ obligation to preside at gay marriages”

U.S. court rules on lesbian couple’s Russian child custody dispute | Russian Legal Information Agency

MS: Ordinances prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination and regulating medical marijuana still under consideration by Jackson City Council

DOMA a roadblock for same-sex military couples | Marine Corps Times

Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West

    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is William Kilpatrick, the author of several books, including Psychological Seduction and Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong. His articles about Islam have appeared in FrontPage Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Catholic World Report, and other publications. His most recent book, Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West explores the threat that Islam poses to Christianity and Western civilization. The book also examines the role played by militant secularists in facilitating the expansion of Islam.

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Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Punishes Marriage

“Report: Arranged Marriage Not Worse Than Regular Marriage” | NYMag

Utah abortion trend has followed the nation

Iran: Jailed American Pastor To Be Released On Bail

Kan. Case Reveals Risks With Assisted Reproduction

Abortion back on Texas Legislature’s agenda

100 percent of Uruguayan doctors opt out of new abortion law in some areas

Irish medical students are being trained to perform abortions by British Pregnancy Advisory Service

Cuomo’s extreme abortion bill creates a civil war with Democrats, Catholics

30,000 pro-lifers rally in Dublin: tell Irish PM, ‘Keep your promise. No abortion in Ireland.’

Planned Parenthood Botches Abortion, Tries to Hide Victim

Employers challenging health law contraceptive provision

A chance to stop judicial forum shopping | Charles J. Cooper

A.C.L.U. Halts Challenge in Kansas on Abortion Coverage

Catholic Schools In Indonesian Municipality Agree To Give Koranic Education To Muslim Students

USCIRF Calls on Iran To Release American Pastor Held On National Security Charges

4th Circuit: Public Schools Not Required To Provide Rehabilitation Act Services To Students In Private Religious Schools

Canadian Law Deans Oppose New Christian Law School Because of Its Bar On Same-Sex Relationships

Pakistan’s Ambassador To U.S. Faces Blasphemy Investigation At Home

“New Jersey Gay Nuptial Strategies Take Shape”

“Military Rules Leave Gay Spouses Out in Cold” | NY Times

Appeals Court Upholds Rabbi’s Firing With Differing Views On Ministerial Exception

Benefit costs: Boca estimates how much to extend health insurance to domestic partners

South Asians and African-Americans to Honor Dr. King’s Legacy at California Capitol

    PR Newswire at Yahoo News: The rally is sponsored by a wide range of minority rights, civil liberties, women’s advocacy, and religious organizations, including: Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, Sikh Information Centre, Cherish California’s Children, Consumers for Choice, Slavic Community Association, Organization for Minorities of India, Life Matters Journal, Church of the King Sacramento, Californians for Lower Gas Prices, El Dorado Campaign for Liberty, Conservative Opportunities Society of California, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Singh of Judah.

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Tolerance Tyrants Strike Again: Louie Giglio, the Inaugural Uproar, and a Marketplace of Ideas |

The Coming Debt Limit Drama: Government Wins, We Lose | Ron Paul

On the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: A Public Discourse Symposium | Ryan T. Anderson at Public Disourse

Economic Freedom Declines in America for Fifth Straight Year

Effects of Marriage on Tax Burden Vary Greatly with Income Level, Equality

Free Speech Victory in UK: You May Now (Legally) Insult Me | Paul Coleman at the Christian Post

“Russia Moves To Enact Anti-gay Law Nationwide”

Obama Starts Inauguration Day With Visit To Church

Understanding standing: The Court’s Article III questions in the same-sex marriage cases (VI)

“Wanted: ‘Adventurous woman’ to give birth to Neanderthal man – Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby”

What Are We Doing Here: Misunderstanding freedom on both sides of the Atlantic. | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

Obama Admin Trying to Force Company to Comply With HHS Mandate

Supreme Court Asked To Review Greece Case

Planned Parenthood Prez Joins Obama at Inaugural Church Service