Groups seek state Supreme Court review of domestic partnership law

    Journal-Sentinel: On Tuesday, the Alliance Defending Freedom announced it and other groups had petitioned the high court to hear an appeal of the December ruling. “We are appealing the appellate court’s decision because this domestic partnership schemed is precisely the type of o marriage imitation that the voters intended to prevent,” said Austin Nimucks, senior counsel with ADF in Washington, D.C. . . . Fair Wisconsin Executive Director Katie Belanger said, “It is disappointing that the plaintiffs and the Alliance Defending Freedom are continuing their efforts to take away important legal protections from same-sex couples and their families.”

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Egypt to Receive F-16s

Roe V. Wade At Forty: Cause For Grief … And Hope | Alan Sears

Washington: Abortion notification bill to be heard

Abortion statistics too high for Delaware

Prop. 8 defenders: Uphold marriage, let public debate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Injustice: From a Jail Cell in Birmingham to a Clinic in Charleston

    Engage Family Minute: We can learn much from Dr. King, starting with the fact that wherever injustice is we ought to be there. We oppose abortion because it is a great injustice against a defenseless human, it is an unjust preying of an industry upon women (an inordinate number of whom are minority women) for profit, and a ritual callousing of the soul of those who trumpet abortion for any reason, at any time as reproductive health care.

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New Zealand: 72,000 sign in opposition to marriage redefinition

Bill to redefine marriage heads to full RI House

NM constitutional amendment to redefine marriage proposed

ND: New Legislation Would Add Sexual Orientation to List of Illegal Discriminatory Practices

TX: Waco advocates urging ban on sexual orientation bias

Atlanta man sues state for denying sexual orientation vanity plate

NE: Bill would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation

Obama ‘will not oppose’ House GOP plan to suspent debt limit until May

The Geography of Abortion Access

Turkey: Police break up plot to assassinate pastor

The Social Construction of Selective Abortion

Planned Parenthood cranks up abortion mills: Federal subsidies grow to record levels | Marjorie Dannenfelser at Washington Times

    Marjorie Dannenfelser at Washington Times: In 2011, government subsidies to Planned Parenthood reached an all-time high, with the abortion provider receiving a whopping $542 million in taxpayer funding — all while ending a record number of lives — 333,964.

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Wis. ruling divorces marriage from true meaning | Alliance Defending Freedom

Pope to charities: Refuse partnerships that even indirectly support acts opposed to the faith

Abortion and the Law: A Look Toward 2013 (WSJ subscription only)

Kelly Shackelford tells crowd about Liberty Institute’s defense of prayer

Idaho towns take up sexual orientation measures

Battle over Colorado civil unions bill heats up this week

Report Says Women Are Not Equal: Warns of dangers of discounting gender in military strategy

Japanese Official: ‘Let Elderly People Hurry Up and Die’

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Winning Roe v. Wade: Q&A with Sarah Weddington | TIME

Reid to lay out plans for filibuster reform

“Georgia’s Education Contribution Tax Credit Becomes Controversial Because of Anti-Gay Policies of Schools”

Roe v. Wade: Forever is Longer than Forty Years | Eric Stanley at Speak Up Movement

School District Blocks Ministers’ Traditional Lunch Visits

Jefferson and Religious Freedom: How it All Changed | William Federer

Bible Classes Coming to Arkansas Public Schools?

“A Florida Teenager Fights Back Against Bible Distribution at His Public High School”

PA: Grassroots group keeping momentum going for Ten Commandment monument fight in Connellsville

Chinese Workers Revolt Over 2-minute Toilet Breaks

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“Russian Protest Against Anti-gay Law Turns Violent”

Nepal To Issue ‘Third Gender’ IDs

Understanding standing: The Court’s Article III questions in the same-sex marriage cases (VII)

NBC Poll Claiming Americans Favor Roe is Grossly Misleading

Four Rulings on Christians in the European Court Judgment

ACLU Backs Off Challenge to Prayer in Franklin County | Missouri Family Policy Council

At Stanford, Clinical Training for Defense of Religious Liberty

Middle TN lawmakers take on Planned Parenthood

Silent Knights | Alan Sears at Townhall

After Tiller: Four doctors in the U.S. still perform third-trimester abortions

“Obama’s inaugural speech gives hope to gay marriage supporters” | LA Times

55,772,015 Abortions in America Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973