Middle TN lawmakers take on Planned Parenthood

WBIR.com: A report from Alliance Defending Freedom, a Phoenix-based Christian legal group, claims that that audits of Planned Parenthood programs in 10 states showed about $8 million in overbilling. Whistleblower suits filed by former Planned Parent workers in California, Texas, and Iowa made similar claims. Michael Norton, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, is the lawyer in the Houston and Iowa suits. The Iowa suit accused was dismissed in district court, but he’s optimistic about the Houston suit. That suit accuses Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, based in Houston, of overbilling the Texas Women’s Health Program by $5.7 million, by charging for medical services related to abortion . . . Norton, an abortion foe, said he hopes that politicians will crack down on Planned Parenthood. “Everyone agrees that Planned Parenthood has to play by the same rules as anyone else,” he said.