“At Supreme Court, Gay Marriage Foes Make Their Strongest Case Yet” | Andrew Cohen at the Atlantic

    Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic: On Tuesday, the first substantive brief was filed in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Prop 8 case now under review by the Supreme Court. The document was filed by lawyers representing a group of citizens who took over the case after California’s elected officials refused to continue to defend the measure. I’m still not convinced that their arguments are going to persuade Justice Anthony Kennedy to save Prop 8. And without his vote the measure is doomed. But these are about the best legal arguments that can be offered in support of this dubious measure, and they are laid out more impressively here than I have yet seen while covering this case.

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Alabama Case Brings Overturning Roe One Step Closer | Engage Family Minute

US Protests “state Of Palestine” Placard In UN

Imprisoned pastor in Iran with U.S. citizenship receives support from U.S. officials

China’s latest restriction for Tibetans: no passports

Canada: Long-awaited office of religious freedom coming soon – again

US alarm bells over Cameron’s EU speech

RU-486 abortions can be reversed midway: study

Syrian girls ‘sold’ into force ‘marriages’

“Catholic adoption agency faces punishment for gay ‘discrimination’”

‘Don’t let Quebec get away with murder’: pro-life group demands feds stop euthanasia plan

FL: “To Combat Bullying, Middle School Student Wants Gay-Straight Alliance, But Officials Balk”

Very, Very Quiet Diplomacy on Religious Freedom

After 300 years, British monarchs can once again marry Catholics

GOP Senators Delay Hearing on D.C. Circuit Nominee

March for Life 2013!!

Scottish National Party official quits over plans to redefine marriage

House of Representatives’ Supreme Court Brief in Defense of DOMA | Ed Whelan at NRO

Kansas’s Judicial Nominating Commission Under Fire

A Pro-Choice Surge : The Politics of Abortion Change | Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO

MP wants child of ‘royal gay marriage’ to get crown

Panetta opens combat roles to women

CA: Democrat Abortion Bill Expands Access

ACLU NM: Walgreens affirms birth control policy

Ayanbadejo looks to bring same-sex marriage cause to Super Bowl

Tree-climbing anti-abortion activist banned from D.C.

China Renews Commitment to One-Child Forced Abortion Policy | LifeNews

MS: Three anti-abortion demonstrators treated for pepper spray; security guard ‘felt threatened’

Salon: Abortion’s Totally Fine Even if Fetus Is a ‘Human Life’

    Katrina Trinko at National Review: By this same logic, isn’t infanticide also fine and dandy? After all, if we’re talking about autonomy, kids aren’t exactly independent as soon as they are born. No infant can take care of themselves. And even later on in childhood, children rely heavily on the adults in their life to provide shelter, food, and emotional support. What about kids and adults who become disabled in life? What about quadriplegics?

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Charts: How Roe v. Wade changed abortion rights

Roe v. Wade Conference: Women Share Graphic Stories About Abortion’s Toll on Their Lives | Video

Anti-abortion lawmakers take on Planned Parenthood and $500M federal funding

“Despite Obama’s Divisive Speech, Gays and Lesbians Are ‘Treated Like Anyone Under The Law’” | Brian Brown at CNSNews

    Brian Brown at CNSNews: Sadly, the President squandered this opportunity when he chose to proclaim that our journey as a people would not be complete until gay and lesbian people are “treated like anyone under the law,” a not-so-veiled reference to his politically-motivated decision to endorse the radical movement to redefine marriage, one of our most sacred institutions. First of all, gay and lesbian people are already treated equally under the law. They have the same civil rights as everyone else. They’re free to live as they choose and love whom they wish. What they don’t have is the right to redefine marriage for society.

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Google Complies With Government Requests for User Data 88% of the Time

House passes ‘No Budget, No Pay,’ sends to the Senate

A Supreme Court Clinic’s Place in the Supreme Court Bar | Jeffrey L. Fisher at Stanford

Senate Democrats Moving Quickly on Judicial Nominees

CA: Supervisors scratch prayer from the agenda

In China, signs that one-child policy may be coming to an end | Reuters

Prop. 8 backers argue for states’ rights | San Francisco Chronicle

Court Refuses To Dismiss Challenge To 10 Commandments Monument

Kazakhstan Has Prosecuted 7 For Illegal Missionary Activity

TX: More school choice would save state billions

Accommodating Store Manager’s Sabbatarian Beliefs Would Impose Undue Hardship

“Anti-gay forces file briefs with Wisconsin, U.S. Supreme Courts” | Wisconsin Gazette

Roe v Wade at 40: I Have a Dream

Colo. bill fails to safeguard religious freedom | Alliance Defending Freedom

Jailed Chinese Lawyer Gets Rare Family Visit

“Sundance Doc Sheds Light On 3rd-trimester Abortion” | AP

Air Force Calls Number Of Sex Assaults ‘appalling’

Unions Suffer Steep Decline In Membership

“Gay Activists Laud Obama Speech, Now Want Action” | AP

Reid: Nuclear option if not filibuster deal in 36 hours

    The HIll: The Nevada Democrat said he would give Republicans another 24 to 36 hours to agree to filibuster reform and then trigger the so-called nuclear option. This controversial tactic would allow him to change the Senate rules with a simple majority vote.

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HSLDA Defends Homeschooling Family in Nebraska Supreme Court

BLAG marriage brief on merits filed

Prop. 8 plea: Stand-in for state OK (UPDATED)

4th Circuit: Town can prevent homeowner from painting house in political protest