Are Colleges and Universities Rewriting American History? | Heather Gebelin Hacker

ADF: New Video Shows Purpose of Defending DOMA

Citizenship And Selective Service Registration for Men Only?

Polish legislature starts debate on homosexual unions

Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Sex assault, combat ban on women linked

Keller nominated for Conn. Appellate Court

The Church, Nonprofits, and Taxes

Abortion Leaders Prepare for New UN Development Goals

Europeans Launch Initiative To Defund Abortion | Wendy Wright at C-FAM

“Mounting Religious Restrictions in Europe” | Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice

The Rise of Pro-Life Incrementalism | Legal History Blog

Filibuster Deal Trivial for Judicial Nominations | Ed Whelan at NRO

UK: Adoption charity ordered to end marriage policy

UK: Conservative MP seeks protection for workers who back current marriage definition

UK: Air Cadets to remove ‘God’ from promise

Supreme Court asked to toss ruling that treats church buildings like toxic dumps

Illinois: “Will gay marriage stance cost GOP chairman his job?”

    Daily Herald: A newly elected suburban state senator is rounding up fellow Illinois Republican officials to try to oust the chair of the beleaguered party over his support for legalizing same-sex marriage. Sugar Grove dairy magnate and state Sen. Jim Oberweis emailed several fellow state central committeemen several days ago about organizing a special meeting to remove Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady of St. Charles, the Daily Herald has learned.

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TX: Sexual orientation activists postpone meeting with Waco board

America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities | Barn Group

Fewer than one in four people think Islam is compatible with British life, faith minister warns

‘Free Speech Wall’ at Canadian university torn down within hours by homosexual activist

VT Federal judge orders pastor jailed for refusal to testify about same-sex custody dispute

Top Senators: Tentative Deal To Curb Filibusters

WI: County Board brings prayer back into proceedings

On killing children: Team Obama’s open season on kids, born and unborn | Andrew P. Napolitano at Washington Times

Equality vs. Liberty | Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy

Michigan’s newest justice takes seat on Supreme Court

The Price of a Stolen Childhood: Child Pornography

Top Supreme Court Advocates of the Twenty-First Century

Suit Challenges NY Exclusion of Religious Schools From Child Protection Requirements

Colorado Catholic Hospital defense argues fetuses are not persons

The Real Reason to Criticize Roe | Daniel K. Williams at Public Discourse

    Daniel K. Williams at Public Discourse: Actually, Roe did not introduce legal abortion to the United States; it did something even worse. Prior to Roe, legal abortion existed, but so did a large, vigorous pro-life movement, and that movement was beginning to win the public debate on abortion. Roe deprived the pro-life movement of its legal victories and allowed abortion to become more available to poor and minority women. It subverted the democratic process and led to a partisan polarization that only grew worse with time. Perhaps worst of all, it nullified the pro-life movement’s constitutional arguments and enshrined in case law a constitutional interpretation that deprived the unborn of any constitutional rights.

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As expected, Senate committee passes Colorado civil unions bill

Civil Unions Bill Clears First Hurdle In Colorado | On Top Magazine

Colorado is one step closer to civil unions | Daily Caller

As expected, Senate committee passes Colorado civil unions bill | Daily Camera

Civil unions get initial OK in Colorado | Times Union (AP)

WI: Can students pray and tell their friends about Jesus at school?

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Panetta Says Women In Combat Is A Strength

The Reality That Awaits Women in Combat | Ryan Smith at WSJ

The ADF Wants Your Questions | Christian Civic League of Maine

Cost of a child hits record £222,000

Ex-SEAL Zinke: ‘Nearly Certain’ Women in Combat Will Cost Lives