Cowboys for Life wrangles outlaw administrators at Okla. State University | Alliance Defending Freedom

White House, Big Biz behind push to pervert Boy Scouts’ timeless values?

SBC’s Page urges Scouts not to change timeless values on leaders

    Baptist Press: Page, though, told them that pressure should never trump principle, and he added that he could no longer laud the Scouts for standing on principle. Just six months ago, the Boy Scouts released a statement standing by the ban, saying a “majority of our membership” agrees with the policy and that the “vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their rights to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers, and at the appropriate time and in the right setting.”

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USCCB Files Supreme Court Briefs Supporting Doma, Proposition 8

Churches angered by Scouts’ possible lift of gay ban

Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Briefs In Defense of Marriage with U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court Warned of Consequences for Families and Society if DOMA is Overturned | Manhattan Declaration Brief

“CofE gay marriage ban ‘illegal’ says leading lawyer”

Cameron’s wife is ‘driving force’ behind drive to redefine marriage

Decoding the Constitutional Challenges to Traditional Marriage

Senate confirms Kerry for State in 94-3 vote

Marriage Isn’t Just the “Old Ball and Chain” | Heritage Foundation

    Heritage Foundation: Countless statistics show marriage is a good thing for people and society. The Heritage Foundation has numerous studies discussing the financial, health, and overall living benefits that come along with marriage versus cohabitation or the single life. That’s why marriage is an important part of a thriving civil society that makes limited government possible. But an increasing number of men and women (especially of the current generation) are delaying marriage or simply not getting married. Why is that, when the facts point to life successes after the “I do’s”?

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French Bill to Redefine Marriage Presented to Parliament

SD: Group challenges prayer before Rapid City council meetings

Islam: France to expel radical preachers within days

Islam takes another step to German recognition

Egypt nearing ‘state collapse’

Irish Rank Religion Dead Last in Terms of Importance, Poll Suggests

Wisconsin County Unanimously Votes to Keep Prayer in Board Meetings Despite Threats From Atheists

SC: Pickens County school board considers prayer

SD: Committee keeps law allowing people to sue others for breaking up their marriage

Texas Legislator Proposes Offsetting State Tax Refund For Contraceptive Coverage Refusal

School Accommodates Muslim Students’ Prayer Needs If They Have High Grades

Appeal Blasts Judges’ ‘religious Phobia’ | WorldNetDaily

UK: Primary school bans six-year-old boy from wearing Christian band

Arizona Pledge Of Allegiance By Public School Students

Oklahoma State University sued by pro-life group

“Liberty and Justice for All”: Roe v. Wade’s Betrayal | Interview with Robert. P. George

Religion As An Activity Engaged In By Consenting Adults In Private | Peter Berger at the American Interest

    Peter Berger at the American Interest: But I do want to make a general observation: In all these cases the authorities accused of violating the plaintiffs’ rights operate with a definition of religion as a private matter to be kept out of public space. There is here a general issue of government overreach, as clearly illustrated by the (still unresolved) attempt by the Obama administration to force Catholic institutions to provide contraception coverage in their employees’ health plans. Beyond that, though, there is a very ideological view of the place of religion in society. In other words, religion is to be an activity engaged in by consenting adults in private. The attorney for the Judeo-Christian side in the aforementioned American case had it quite right when he compared the treatment of his client’s religion with measures of disease control. This is not an attitude one would expect to find in a Western democracy. It is curiously reminiscent of policies toward religion in Communist countries and toward non-Muslims under Islamic rule.

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The March for Life | Jordan Lorence on Faith Radio

What Americans should learn from religious liberty threat in Britain | Kathryn Jean Lopez

House Dems press HHS for changes in wellness rules

Members propose bill scrapping congressional pensions

Missouri Legislators Press for Renewal of Pregnancy Resource Center Tax Credits

Yemen’s Forgotten Christians | Gatestone Institute

Rally Against Colo. Civil Unions Bill Warns of ‘Great Persecution’

An Unrecognizable America | Carson Holloway at Public Discourse

Senate Panel To Vote On Kerry Nomination Tuesday

Spreading challenge to appointment power