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February 5, 2013 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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Abortion pill mandate ‘exceptions’ leave Colo. senior centers in the cold

New abortion pill mandate lawsuit evidence of Obama admin.’s ongoing disregard for religious freedom

DENVER — Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and allied attorneys have filed the first legal challenge to the Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate since the announcement last week of additional proposed rules that do not respect the religious freedom of family business owners. The federal lawsuit was filed Monday on behalf of the owner of several small businesses that run senior living centers and skilled nursing facilities in Colorado.

The mandate forces employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception under threat of heavy penalties. The owner of the senior facilities, Stephen W. Briscoe, is an evangelical Christian who specifically objects to being forced to provide coverage for abortifacients.

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Case Name: Briscoe v. Sebelius

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