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“Reaction To Boy Scouts’ Delay In Gay Ban Decision”

Boy Scouts Delay Decision on Redefining Virtue

False Charges Made Against Christian Schools

David Cameron has won a marriage battle – but not the war, Tory MPs warn

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North Carolina Considering Partisan Labels in Judicial Races

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Homosexuality and Statement Department Priorities: Will They Change Under Kerry?

Study: kids of divorce more likely to do badly at school

Prime Minister feels backlash from Tory rebellion on marriage

Kansas Lawmaker Introduces ‘Religious Displays’ Bill After City Threatened With Lawsuit Over Cross

KS: Mac police chaplaincy program reaffirmed

FL: Century’s ‘Illegal’ Nativity Scene Named Community Pride Award Winner

SD: Rapid City Council Under Attack For Prayer At Meetings

WI: Barron County board challenged for seeking divine guidance

Push for more testing has failed to reduce HIV levels in UK homosexuals: study

Pro-Obama voters took us ‘a step deeper in the culture of death’: Brooklyn’s Bishop

Elegy for an Unknown Warrior | Steve Aden at Townhall

Perils of Prosecutorial Discretion in a World Where Everyone is a Criminal | Ilya Somin at the Volokh Conspiracy

    Ilya Somin at the Volokh Conspiracy: University of Tennessee lawprof Glenn Reynolds (AkA “Instapundit”) has an interesting short paper on the dangers of prosecutorial discretion in a world where the scope of criminal law has gotten so vast that almost anyone can be convicted of a crime if the prosecutor goes after them aggressively enough . . .

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Proposition 8: Will Verrilli follow Dellinger’s lead? | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

GWU Adding Sexual Orientation Question to Law School Application

“Illinois Senate could consider same-sex marriage next week” | Star Courier

Fed Lawsuits Pile Up Against HHS Mandate; Court Injunctions Block Enforcement | Christian Post

“Illinois Senate committee approves gay marriage” | Register-News (AP)

    Register-News (AP): But Joseph La Rue, minister and legal counsel for the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Alliance Defending Freedom, said the bill’s language discriminates against religious organizations precisely because it relies on the state human-rights law. That law doesn’t force a church to hire someone who professes a different faith, but it’s not clear what would happen to a Catholic who’s in a same-sex union, he said. “The church will not be able to refuse to hire them on the basis of their same-sex marriage if they’re of the same faith … ,” La Rue said. “The Catholic diocese could be faced with an application for employment for a receptionist – who is the face of the diocese – who is in a same-sex marriage … and under your Human Rights Act, could be required to hire that person.”

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“Illinois Senate committee sends gay-marriage bill to floor” | News-Gazette

IL: “Gay marriage bill clears Senate panel, moves to full vote” | WLSAM

    WLSAM: Some of the bill’s opponents say a lack of clarity in this area could cause trouble in the courts. Joseph La Rue, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, testified before the committee that the bill doesn’t clearly exempt churches from renting out their facilities such as in other states like New York. “What Illinois’ bill says is public accommodations decisions will be subject to the Human Rights Act and to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and nobody knows for sure what that means,” he said. “Nobody knows how this will play out. And so instead of giving churches protection, the Legislature is simply punting the ball down the field for future courts and future legislatures to decide, and that leaves churches in a very precarious spot.”

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Federal Courts Give Alliance Defending Freedom Important Victories In Mandate Lawsuits | Alan Sears

New HHS rule on abortion mandate ‘inadequate’ | Florida Baptist Witness

Another Small Business Challenges Contraceptive Coverage Mandate | Religion Clause Blog

Abortion pill mandate gives the illusion of compromise | Alan Sears at Washington Examiner

Court Dismisses 1 of 3 Suits Challenging Eruv In Long Island Village

“Gay marriage bill sails through Senate committee, 9-5″ | Windy City Times

    Windy City Times: Illinois’ gay marriage bill is headed for a full Senate vote after the measure passed easily out of the Senate Executive Committee Feb. 5. The Committee voted 9-5 to send to the bill for a full vote . . . Joe LaRue of the Alliance Defending Freedom argued that the bill failed to adequately protect churches. “I am extremely concerned that it does not do enough,” LaRue said. LaRue said while the bill purported to protect religious institutions, it threatened to discriminate against them. He said the bill lacked protections for businesses who disagreed with same-sex marriages like cake bakers.

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Religious groups weigh in on BSA’s debate to lift ban on gay scouts, leaders | ABC2

HHS: A change that’s not a change | B.C. Catholic

Much ado about ‘cake’ in political battle for civil unions in Colorado | LGBTQ Nation

Archbishop Bashes HHS Mandate Revisions, “A Phony Compromise”

Zimbabwe’s Parliament Mulls Constitutional Reforms

Just 15% Think Today’s Children Will Be Better Off Than Their Parents

Turning Our Schools Into Totalitarian Enclaves | John W. Whitehead

Labor Unions Regret Backing Affordable Care Act as Costs Rise

Baby crushed by car containing China one-child policy team

Ahmadinejad: Iran already a nuclear state, but has no intention of launching attack on Israel

The Wealth of Nations Depends on the Health of Families

“David Cameron warned Lords will ‘massacre’ gay marriage laws”

Iowa Senate race sets up GOP establishment vs. grassroots test

    The HIll: Iowa’s 2014 Senate race is fast becoming an early battleground in the Republican family feud over recruiting “electable” candidates, with an early GOP front-runner scoffing Tuesday at suggestions he wouldn’t survive a general election.

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Postal Service to cut Saturday mail to trim costs

3D-Printed Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created for First Time

The Boy Scouts vs. the Supreme Court | Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg