“Obama nominates openly gay lawyer for patent appeals court”

Obama nominates two government lawyers to Federal Circuit

Drones: Yes, the Military Can and Should Target American Members of Al-Qaeda | David French at National Review

    David French at National Review: If you are a member of al-Qaeda, do you gain additional protections from attack if you are also an American citizen? With great feeling, many Americans seem to say yes. With equal feeling, I say no. Before I explain, let’s remember that — legally — we are in a state of armed conflict against al-Qaeda, pursuant to the post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force. We are not engaged in a law-enforcement operation

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Pro-lifers should be concerned about Obama assassination list: Judge Napolitano

    LifeSiteNews: One of the country’s leading legal experts and political commentators says that pro-life activists may have a personal reason to be concerned about a new Justice Department white paper outlining some of the criteria the Obama administration use to select Americans it can assassinate without a trial — because the administration has repeatedly labeled the pro-life movement as one of the primary sources of domestic terrorism. Some are asking specifically whether the policy could one day apply to the pro-life movement, gun enthusiasts, preppers, or small government conservatives.

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“Florida judge reportedly allows gay man, lesbian couple to be on daughter’s birth certificate”

North Dakota Passes Personhood Legislation in the House

Personhood Bill Filed in the Iowa House

ND senate OKs bill regulating abortion providers

Insurance as Punishment: The latest assault on the Second Amendment.

UK: Govt refuses measures that may catch ‘gender abortions’

MN Gov. endorses marriage redefinition

Muslim Persecution of Christians: December, 2012

Indiana GOP leaders push marriage battle to 2014, waiting on SCOTUS

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson cites alternative to Obamacare at National Prayer Breakfast

Christie again vetoes NJ’s Internet gambling law

USCCB: HHS Proposal Falls Short In Meeting Church Concerns

IA: Lawmaker wants to prosecute abortion providers

OH: Sen. Rob Portman says abortion clinics market their services to minors in states with stricter laws

Alabama: Bill to stiffen abortion clinic rules passes panel

Washington: Abortion notification hearing a full house

Bill requiring ultrasound before an abortion advances in Kentucky Senate

Ark. governor says he’ll OK abortion coverage ban

Kansas: “Bill addresses abortion training for med students”

NM Board Exonerates Doctor In Abortion Case

Obamacare “Compromise,” Moral Fiction And Snake-Oil Theology | Matt Bowman

The Opposite of the Civil Rights Movement | Byron Babione at Townhall

    Byron Babione at Townhall: Those who remember the old version of the SAT might recall the analogy section: “This is to that as that is to this.” The SAT no longer requires students to demonstrate aptitude in reasoning through this vital cognitive exercise—unfortunate because so many Americans find it difficult to recognize false analogies. And no group has exploited this deficiency more than politicians.

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National Marriage Week Celebrates the #1 Antidote to Child Poverty

Freedom From Religion Foundation targets N. Georgia school

ACLU Of Ohio Files Lawsuit Over Jesus Portrait

Islam in Europe becoming ‘more radical’ says European Churches conference

Shape or be shaped: Christians in an era of marriage decline

Germany, the morning-after pill, and the Catholic Church: Media and scientific manipulation

President all in for the homosexual agenda in the second term

Hijacking Immigration?

‘Pro-life paradigm’ motivates domestic terrorism: West Point report

New Injunctions Granted Against HHS Mandate | NC Register

Deciding Who Gets Religious Freedom: The Latest HHS “Accommodation” | Matthew J. Franck at Public Discourse

NAACP Threatens to Sue Black Pro-Life Leader

North Dakota Legislature: LGBT discrimination bill gets another look | InForum.com

ND: Bill to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation

    Bismark Tribune: Tom Freier, executive director of the North Dakota Family Alliance, said state law already has adequate provisions for the GLBT community. “It does create a protected class,” Freier said. “We believe equal protections certainly do exist.” Lawyer Kellie Fiedorek, with Alliance Defending Freedom, said SB2252 pits the GLBT community and its lobby on the federal level against those operating their businesses in a way that mirrors their religious beliefs. “This isn’t discrimination. This is religious intolerance,” Fiedorek said. Fiedorek cited the example of a Colorado bakery last year that was subject to a discrimination suit after refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. She said legislation such as SB2252 could work to force people of faith out of the marketplace. “They should not have to choose between their conscience and their livelihood,” Fiedorek said. | Also Grand Forks Herald | Jamestown Sun

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Protest shocks Philadelphia: KKK killed 3,446 blacks in 86 years, black on black murders kill 7,000+ each year not including abortion

Black pro-lifer files lawsuit against NAACP | LifeSiteNews

    LifeSiteNews: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People threatened with legal action Ryan Bomberger for using its name and trademark to oppose abortion. Now the chief creative officer of The Radiance Foundation is fighting back . . . With the help of attorney Charles M. Allen, who is affiliated with the Alliance Defending Freedom, Bomberger filed a lawsuit in Virginia on Friday arguing that his work is protected by the First Amendment and “fair use” provisions of the law. He also questioned the NAACP’s priorities in using its legal resources to fight an activist trying to save black babies, rather than fighting the community’s pathologies. “Our inner-cities are crumbling, two-parent married families barely exist, 72.3 percent of our children are born into homes without fathers, and the NAACP wants to silence me for pointing out its support of abortion,” he said.

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NM Abortion Complaint Highlights Privacy Concerns | AP

Nebraska Gop Senator Announces Opposition To Hagel

Senate poised to expand anti-domestic abuse law expanding reach on sexual orientation

In China, Christian Activist Sues Local Police After Detention For Preaching In Park

OH: No minister’s exemption for Catholic school that fired teacher over out of wedlock IVF pregnancy

Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare