“Various Forms Of The Family” Unnecessary In UN Resolutions

NHS experts: Scots schools should give morning-after pill

Trade unions rally behind same sex marriage in Delaware

“Christian Founder of eHarmony Says Gay Marriage Debate ‘Damaged Company’”

Marriage: now even more taxing

    Market Watch: For two people earning $400,000 or more each annually, their tax bill could increase by more than $30,000 after getting hitched, according to estimates from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center based in Washington. “You’re better off not being married in a lot of cases,” says Roberton Williams, an economist with the Tax Policy Center, which just updated its marriage penalty calculator to reflect the recent tax changes. See the calculator here.

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Obama Attempting To Change Face Of The Judiciary

Supreme Court to hear case on campaign donation limits

MI: Schuitmaker wants abortion doc hearing

American Federation For Children Executive Counsel Kevin P. Chavous Responds To President Obama’s Decatur, Georgia Speech

26 states opt out of ObamaCare’s state-run insurance exchanges

Judge rules that Texas teen can keep her baby in forced abortion case

More than 100,000 rally to protect marriage in Puerto Rico

Romania: Alleged Illegal Trafficking Of Human Eggs

USCCB letter: Obama administration has ‘new, more grudging attitude’ toward people of faith

North Dakota Senate OKs Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

Arkansas Senate Votes to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

“Gay Marriage Advocates Lose By Winning” | Harry R. Jackson, Jr. at Townhall

    Harry R. Jackson, Jr. at Townhall: Homosexual activists achieved historic gains in the November 2012 election in the states of Washington, Maine and Maryland. These three notoriously liberal states passed laws extending marriage benefits to homosexual relationships by four to six percentage points. But will these legal victories ultimately deny them the sweeping Supreme Court decision they long for?

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UK: Supreme court denies government pressure to select a woman

Cuomo: Abortion bill inseparable from women’s rights package

Cuomo Bucks Tide With Bill to Ease Limits on Abortion | NY Times

The premises and purposes of American exceptionalism

Why do societies give up? | Victor Davis Hanson at Washington Times

That Tail Ain’t a Leg | Doug Napier at Townhall

    Doug Napier at Townhall: Today, homosexual activists have tried to co-opt the allusion to slavery to advance their demand to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples. Nice try, but if Lincoln were chiming in, he would undoubtedly bring up Euclid. A union of two men or two women is not the same as the union of one man and one woman, and all the rhetorical sleights of hand can’t change that biological and social reality. It’s one of those “self-evident truths” Lincoln referenced.

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Conn. Lawmakers Consider Letting Doctors Assist With Suicide | Catherine Glenn Foster at Christian Post

Coptic Church attacked in Egypt

8th Grade Student’s ‘God Bless’ Grad Speech Ruling Needs Rehearing, Says ADF | Christian Post

Mother, country and same-sex marriage? | Austin R. Nimocks at Washington Examiner

Eighth Grader Barred From Asking God to Bless Classmates at Graduation Files Appeal | ChristianNews.net

At issue: ‘Legal standing’ in Prop. 8 appeal

Tweaking the HHS Mandate Will Not Do Read | Karen Gushta at Christian Post

Iceland considers pornography ban

New York Hospital Agrees to Respect Rights of Pro-Life Nurses | Thomas Messner at the Heritage Foundation

Direct Killing as Intentional Killing | E. Christian Brugger at Public Discourse

“Proposition 8 case: Judge who struck down California’s gay marriage ban speaks out”

SCOTUS: Hague Convention Appeal Not Mooted by Return of Child to Foreign Jurisdiction in Custody Dispute

Army Will Bill West Point Student Who Left Criticizing Proselytizing

NC: Court Denies TRO To Stop Church’s Amplified Music

Britain’s Equality Commission Issues New Guidance On Workplace Religious Accommodation

4 Christians Arrested In Libya For Proselytizing

Analysis: Wider legal rights at stake in U.S. gay marriage cases

Don’t deny La. children access to better schools | Alliance Defending Freedom

NY school treats blessing like cursing | Alliance Defending Freedom

County Board Reverses Decision and Allows Church to Erect a Cross | Liberty Counsel

New York hospital ends forced abortion-participation policy | LifeSiteNews

Overwhelming turnout of young people at March for Life is encouraging | Alan Sears at American Thinker

House Passes Bill To Allow FEMA Aid To Houses of Worship Damaged In Hurricane Sandy

Challenge To 10 Commandments Monument Dismissed After Plaintiff Says It Now Lacks Standing

Phoenix commissions approve LGBT and disability protections | KTAR

    KTAR.com (2/14): “There is a potential concern for businesses that have offices in multiple cities across our state to have unequal enforcement of the law throughout our state,” Legal Consultant Joseph La Rue, with the Alliance Defending Freedom said. La Rue said the new proposals may make hiring decisions difficult for multi-city companies. The Alliance Defending Freedom is a nonprofit religious rights group dedicated to defending religious freedom, marriage and family, and pro-life issues. La Rue also opposed the new proposals because of potential costs to small businesses if further protections are added to the city ordinances. “What we’ve seen in other places where amendments like these are passed is the cost to small business owners goes up,” La Rue said. “There is the threat of litigation anytime [businesses] fail to hire someone who is a member of the protected class.”

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Hospital policy protects pro-life nurse’s choice | World Mag

NYC Hospital Protects Pro-life Workers After Coercion Charge | Baptist Press