Pro-life Organizations Engage Human Rights Council

Biolaw Emerges As A Discipline In Its Own Right

Abortion group hires Obama-linked consulting firm to grill pro-lifers at home

France: Subway store forced to close over Valentine’s offer

Another Tory quits Party over effort to redefine marriage

Alabama House passes bill tightening restrictions on abortion clinics

Human Brain Scans Can Predict Your Political Ideology The study, which examined the brain activity of 35 men and 47 women registered as either Democrat or Republican, found no difference in the amount of risk people of each political persuasion were willing to take on during a gambling game. But the way the brain processed risk worked differently between the groups, with Republicans showing more activity in an area linked with reward, fear and risky decisions and Democrats showing more activity in a spot related to processing emotion and internal body cues.

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Oklahoma: County Commissioners add prayer to weekly meeting

“UK pushes to outlaw reparative therapy ahead of gay ‘marriage’ vote”

Massachusetts forces schools to let ‘transgender’ boys use girls’ restrooms, lockers

Oklahoma: House moves forward on prayer in schools

Saskatchewan: Human rights complaint about prayer at city-sponsored event to proceed, says Solo

NJ: Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.

Mexican Supreme Court: U.S. Supreme Court Cases Demand Redefinition of Marriage

Charlie Morgan Act seeks full benefits for same-sex military families

FFRF President: Let’s Observe Dec. 25, but Not as Christmas

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Why We Can’t Just “Lighten Up” Over the HHS Mandate

9th Circuit: “Wiccan inmates can sue to gain chaplain”

The Job Market: Is College Overrated?

Virginia Legislature Protects Mission of College Religious Groups

Bad Grades on Trial | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement

The Next Citizens United? Scotus Takes First Amendment Challenge To Campaign Finance Law

TX: Parent’s Claim In School “Candy Cane” Dispute Dismissed On Qualified Immunity Grounds

AFLC Ask Court to Halt restrictions on Christians’ Speech at Dearborn Arab Festival

Christian homeschoolers losing deportation fight

Southern Baptist resolution criticizes Scout leadership

Liberty Counsel Files Final Brief at Appeals Court Against California’s Ban on Change Therapy

The Islamization of Spanish Jurisprudence: Spain Submits to “Adoption Jihad”

N. Dakota wants to stop abortions at 20 weeks: New time limit cites evidence of fetal nerve development | WorldNetDaily

Religious Exemptions From Birth Control Mandate | Matt Bowman Letter to NYT

Louisiana Family Forum Enters Voucher Lawsuit

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It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk