Obama Administration vs. the Law on Same-Sex Marriage: The New SCOTUS filing

Heritage Foundation: President Obama has so many flip-flops in his policy positions that it’s hard to keep track. After running for President supporting traditional marriage, he “evolved” to support same-sex marriage—and now his Justice Department has officially urged the Supreme Court to overthrow the law of the land.

Politico: Brief fuels gay marriage speculation (links to the brief)
The brief formally urges the court to declare unconstitutional the portion of the 1996 law barring recognition of same-sex marriages by the federal government for income tax purposes, federal employee benefits, immigration and myriad other programs.

Lyle Denniston at the SCOTUS Blog: DOMA: U.S. takes tough line on marriage denial
The Obama administration, in a sweeping defense of marriage rights for same-sex couples, argued on Friday that the denial by states of those rights over the last decade is proof that discrimination against gays and lesbians still continues. The brief cited California’s flat ban on such marriages — Proposition 8 — as an example of the ongoing problem of bias against homosexuals.