Illinois House Cmte. delayed marriage vote possible tonight

NJ: Christie signs bill legalizing Internet gambling

New Zealand Parliamentary Committee votes to redefine marriage

Party leader’s rebellion over marriage definition rocks Illinois GOP

Nebraska: Chambers tests sexual orientation discrimination vote

Some companies to back marriage redefinition at Supreme Court | Reuters

Hagel wins confirmation to lead Pentagon

Colorado Group: Bad Move to Decriminalize Adultery

Florida: Shirt Promoting Abstinence Gets Girl in Trouble

Christian Exodus from Syria Raises Hopes for Resurrection in Turkey

“EEOC Commissioner, Lawyers Discuss Rights of LGBT Employees”

Eric Lander, human genome project leader, weighs in on Supreme Court gene patenting case

Georgia Right to Life Backs Ground Breaking Biotech Bill

Arkansas Gov. Beebe vetoes 20-week abortion bill

Had The Woman Been A Man… Comments On The Echr Ruling Of X And Others V. Austria On Homosexual Adoption And The Abandonment Of Natural Law.

Audit Of Family Planning Money Should Include International Aid

UK: “Top lawyer: politicians scared to say marriage is important”

Politics undermine Iraq’s judiciary

Pickens County School Board Voted On New Policy To Replace The Prayer

Legislation Promotes Use of Religion to Discriminate, Says ACLU-TN

“Conn. school, under pressure, OKs anti-gay shirt”

Marriage heading back to Ohio ballot

Illinois marriage vote could come Tuesday

Texas senator moves to tighten abortion pill rules

Abortion: The New American Family Value | Ken Connor at Christian Post

Nationwide Campaign Launched Against Infamous Abortion Practitioner Over Deaths

Jindal reaffirms traditional marriage position

Pa. bill would ban abortion in exchange coverage

Lawmakers ask if taxes fund abortion; Planned Parenthood targeted in inquiry

Tanzania: Muslims Behead Another Christian Pastor

Sudan: Christians Arrested To Appease Islam?

“Christianity, Judaism, and Islam need to break the gay taboo” | Haaretz

Black marriage matters | Anthony Bradley at LifeSiteNews

Fmr. Congressman appeals lawsuit blaming pro-life group for election defeat

Canada: Transgender bill may face vote this week

Prep Wrestler Penalized For Acknowledging God | World Net Daily

Major Push To Get Christians To Voting Booth: 12 states ID’d as key to restoring Judeo-Christian heritage

DOJ to Federal Judge: We Can Force Your Wife to Violate Her Religion | CNSNews

Why lawyers can’t write | ABA J.

    Bryan A. Garner at ABA Journal: I’ve been trying, in other words, to say that lawyers on the whole don’t write well and have no clue that they don’t write well. Now, thanks to an erudite lawyer friend of mine in Atlanta, Scott Killingsworth, I’ve discovered that there’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon: the Dunning-Kruger effect. In 1999, two Cornell psychologists—David Dunning and Justin Kruger—conducted a series of studies . . .

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10th Circuit: Robert E. Bacharach confirmed as federal appeals court judge

Canada: Supreme Court set to update legal definition of hate-speech

North Carolina official penalizes prep wrestler for pre-match prayer | Yahoo News

N.C. wrestler is warned after prayer | Charlotte Observer

NC: High School Wrestler Penalized for Prayer | Todd Starnes at Fox News

Group Defending Proposition 8 Holding “9 Weeks Of Prayer For Marriage” | Buzz Feed

Student Fees Gone Wild | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement

UK: Trio of judicial appointments to the Supreme Court

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Violent Bullying | Tony Perkins at Townhall

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Schools Seeking Religious Accommodations In Complying With Federal School Nutrition Rules

Judge Refuses To Toss Calif. Veteran’s DOMA Challenge

Russia’s Foreign Minister Defends Law Restricting Homosexual Propaganda

Dutch Court: Jews Must Also Carry Id Cards

Clinton: Nigerian Poverty Fuels Religious Violence

Middle School Censors Graduation Speech | Missouri Family Policy Council

Population Decline and the Birth Dearth | Scott Yenor at Public Discourse

“Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage” | NY Times

In Significant Action, Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case to Allow Corporate Contributions Directly to Candidates | Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog

Civil Rights Commission Briefing On Reconciling Non-discrimination Principles With Civil Liberties

Journalism That Dare Not Speak Its Name | James Taranto at WSJ

    James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal: That’s a lesson one might draw from yesterday’s extraordinary column by Patrick Pexton, the veteran journalist who, according to the Post’s website, “represents readers who have concerns or complaints” about “accuracy, fairness, ethics and the newsgathering process.” One such reader wrote to both Pexton and a Post reporter to complain that the paper’s coverage of same-sex marriage gives “short shrift” to “the conservative, pro-family side of the argument.”

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