Fla: Lambda Legal sues DeSoto Co. schools for prohibiting participation in Day of Silence

Harvard Law Debate Stresses Meaning and Purpose of Marriage

Va. OKs bill protecting campus religious groups

Drs. claim NY gov’s abortion bill would hurt women

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Circuit Nominee Enjoys Extra Friendly Reception at Senate Committee Hearing

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Same-sex couples win more than visitation rights in custody battles

NC: First abortion bill of the legislative session filed in Senate

UK: Leading SNP figure risks losing seat over marriage redefinition

AK: Democratic Party blasts witnesses on abortion bill

Indiana Senate backs requiring ultrasound for “abortion pill” use

Arkansas House Overrides Governor’s Veto of 20-Week Abortion Ban Bill

SD Senate panel approves longer abortion wait

Ireland: Transgender sues for new birth cert

Australian Muslim Activists Lose Free Speech Case

Why Marriage Matters for America and Conservatism | Ryan T. Anderson at the Heritage Foundation

“U.S. gay couples report poorer health than straight married counterparts”

“Colorado parents of transgender 1st-grader file complaint over restroom ban”

Natural Law And Secular Enlightenment Morality

    Pascal Emmanuel Gobry at The American Scene: But of course, as any freshman philosophy student can tell, the problem comes when you try to ground those universal human rights. Where do they come from? Who confers them? Why should they be respected? There’s basically only two ways to do so, one theistic and one non-theistic. Universal human rights are perfectly grounded if they come from God, as the Declaration of Independence asserts and as I believe in my heart of hearts. But not everybody likes that, and it sort of defeats the purpose of creating this secular moral system to begin with. The only other way that I’m aware of to ground the idea of universal human rights is in, wait for it, the natural law.

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ACLU Loses Plaintiff, and Ten Commandments Case | Robert Knight at Townhall

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