A Warped Worldview: Another Moral Effect of Pornography | Albert Mohler

Famed researchers to discuss saving lives of mothers in childbirth | Alliance Defending Freedom

Christian Shot Dead near Kismayo, Somalia

Homeschooling as a fundamental right of parents

White House pushes for vote on contentious D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee

Canada: Tory MP’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortions up for debate March 2

In Missouri, Another Crucial Legal Win Against The Abortion Pill Mandate | Alan E. Sears

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead, VP says

When Even Members of the T14 Don’t Comply With ABA Standards, Will Law Schools Ever Be Truly Transparent?

Communism: What You Don’t Know is Killing Unborn Children

New Mormon scriptures clarify race, polygamy references

    Mercury News: New introductions to the sections on eternal marriage and plural marriage emphasize monogamous marriage as the standard, says Valerie Hudson, a Mormon political science professor at Texas A&M University and co-author of “Sex and World Peace.” “In these new introductions, we see that ‘plural marriage’ (notice, not ‘plurality of wives’) is to be viewed as a principle and not as a commandment, and that the ‘standard’ of marriage is monogamy,” Hudson writes in an email.

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Ala. governor endorses abortion clinic regulations

Arkansas bill would outlaw one in 10 abortions

Canadian Court Should Fix Errors It Made in Euthanasia Case

Reminder: Invitation to Submit Comments on Religious Freedom

Arkansas Senate Overrides Veto of Ban Abortions at 12 Weeks

We don’t buy and sell people | Bruce J. Clemenger of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Committee hearing on marriage in MN House next week

“Fox News poll: Americans deeply divided over approval of same-sex marriage”

Iowa House GOP files marriage amendment

Marriage, the Ultimate Human Right … for Children

Slanted Media Reporting On Commission On The Status Of Women

Australia parents face India surrogacy barriers: expert

Bad bills snub life, religious freedom | Cal. Family Council

Florida Legislature Rejects Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

War on Girls: Phyllis Schlafly urges Congress to take action against women in combat, draft registration

    WorldNetDaily: This war doesn’t involve only women who have volunteered to serve in our military. It’s a real war against all 18-year-old American girls, because for the first time in our nation’s history they will be required to sign up for the draft and be ready for a letter from Selective Service ordering them to report for military duty.

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What to expect when nobody is expecting: population decline and the birth dearth

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Marriage fight brewing inside GOP

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UN agency nixes Gaza marathon over ban on women

Abortion Doctor Accused of Severing Babies’ Spines With Scissors

Ohio abortion-rights group questions crisis centers

Quadruplets Turn One After Mother Rejected Abortion Advice

700 Pages of New Obamacare Rules Put in Place More Abortion Funding

Health exchange passes Minn. House; amendment restricts abortion coverage

Media May Be Distorting Public Support for Abortion Read

Evidence Mounts: Abortion, Birth Control Cause Cancer

House GOP to propose religious-conscience protection bill today

Mass Arrest and Torture of Christians in Libya

Safwat Hegazy: Shia Islam is ‘blasphemy’ and ‘will never exist in Egypt’

Vermont: Towns Welcome Citizens With Civil Invocation

GA: Cave Spring rethinking Lord’s Prayer issue

Americans United For Life Demands Real First Amendment Protections As HHS Releases Phony Compromise

NC: National nonprofit threatens to sue Union County officials

Minnesota Bill to Ban K-12 Speech That Denies Fellow Students a “Supportive Environment”

Columbia law profs urge SCOTUS look to other countries on marriage

Same-Sex Marriage and the Long Arc of History | Cass Sunstein at Bloomberg

Tithing Not A Necessary Expense In Computing Installment Payments To IRS

Federal Judge Rejects Challenge to Missouri Prayer Amendment

Pastor Sentenced In Vt. Lesbian Custody Case

Lawmakers Applaud Va On Same-sex Burial Request

Supreme Court grants extended arguments in Windsor marriage case

Reid Urges Senate GOP to Give D.C. Circuit Nominee a Confirmation Vote