TN: State appeals court hears arguments in mosque case

Catholics Speak Out Against Colo. Civil Unions Bill

Mississippi House Stops Dangerous Use of Abortion Drug Without Doctor

Unleash the lawyer-bloggers, SCOTUS may get to weigh in on Virginia ruling

TN: Sponsors won’t advance abortion ultrasound bill

Several States Closer to Overthrowing Electoral College

    National Review: Washington’s statement could easily have been aimed at the anti–Electoral College National Popular Vote effort, which is currently working to win support in several states. The measure has been approved by committees in Minnesota and Oklahoma and is pending on the Minnesota House and Oklahoma Senate floor. NPV is still pending in and could soon be approved by Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island legislative committees.

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Personhood Mississippi Files New Personhood Amendment

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Vatican Chief Justice: Pro-Abortion Politicians Must Not Receive Holy Communion

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‘March for Marriage’ to Hit Washington on Mar. 26

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Former Justice Pens History Book About The Court

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Arkansas Overrides Governor, OKs Abortion Ban After 12 Weeks; Lawsuit promised

Mississippi House votes 108-6 to send school prayer bill to Gov. Phil Bryant

Bill will put Utah marriage commission into statute

Obama’s acrobatics on homosexual ‘marriage’ | Peter Sprigg at Washington Times

Minnesota poll: Most don’t want to redefine marriage

Judge Taking a Look at Mich. Marriage Law

Texas: Anti-abortion advocates push to get Planned Parenthood out of schools

ACLU vows to challenge Indiana abortion bill

Missouri Company Wins Another Battle Against HHS Abortion Mandate | Life News

Abortion wars heating up at Texas Legislature

17 Maryland delegates write letter asking why Carhart clinic is still open after abortion death

Marbury v. Madison | Steve Aden at Constituting America

My sister Joan: lessons from a pro-life activist now behind the cloister walls

Supreme Court Petition Challenging Injunction Against Display of “Gruesome Images” Where Children Can See Them

Ask the author: Linda Greenhouse on “Before (and After) Roe v. Wade: New Questions About Backlash”

Senate vote will reignite battles over judiciary nominees

Oklahoma AG asks U.S. Supreme Court to review abortion case

Atheist Nick Clegg will send son Antonio to Catholic secondary London Oratory in Fulham

WA: ‘Christ’ ban signals apparent end to Longview council meeting invocation

Senate Republicans Block Obama Court Nominee – Caitlin J. Halligan

SD: Pastor reads scripture to council before praying sectarian prayer

Tibetans hold prayer vigil outside UN office in Geneva

Ga. City Drops Lord’s Prayer from Council Meetings

Florida: School prayer question hits Pinellas officials

PA: Nonprofits told to justify tax exemption

“Marriage equality bill progresses in Illinois” | Prospectus News

Proposed Health Care Conscience Rights Act — ‘Last and Only Hope’?

New Continuing Resolution Doesn’t Include HHS Mandate Protections

Another Injunction against the Birth-Control Rule | Wesley J. Smith at National Review

Obama Admin Wants to Deport Christian Homeschoolers

World Congress of Families VII (May 15-18) in Sydney, Australia

Czech Constitutional Court Refuses Injunction Pending Its Decision On Church Restitution Law

Israel May Have Coalition Government That Dramatically Changes Current Religion-State Arrangements

Germany: Will Fight Female Boardroom Quotas

Experts: Bill to give Congress power over regulations is constitutional

Court Suspends Egypt’s Parliament Election

“Taking same-sex marriage step by step”; multiple partners on the horizon