Arkansas Overrides Governor, OKs Abortion Ban After 12 Weeks; Lawsuit promised

LifeNews: The Republican House voted 56-33 on Wednesday to override after the state Senate voted yesterday to do the same thing. The bill arrived on Beebe’s desk after clearing the Senate, 26-8, and the House, 68-20.

ACLU: Arkansas Passes Most Extreme Abortion Ban in the Nation
Let’s be clear about one more thing. We are going to fight back. The ACLU will challenge this dangerous and unconstitutional law in court to put this private decision back in the hands of a woman and her family.

Center for Reproductive Rights: Arkansas Legislature Ignores 40 Years of Supreme Court Precedent, Overrides Governor Veto to Enact Most Extreme Abortion Ban in the Nation
The Center for Reproductive Rights and the ACLU of Arkansas have committed to challenging the law in federal court before the law is scheduled to take effect 90 days after the legislative session adjourns.