Liberty’s Obamacare Challenge Provides Glimmer of Hope | Robert Knight at Townhall

Robert Knight at Townhall: Here’s more from the brief: “In 2012, Liberty University employed 6,900 people, with net claims for its self-insured health insurance of $14,214,000. Yet Liberty University would be fined $20,700,000 ($3,000 times 6,900) if only one employee meets the 9.5 percent “unaffordable” criterion. “That penalty would be on top of the additional penalty of $2,000 per employee ($13,800,000) that Liberty University would have to pay for providing coverage excluding abortifacients, for a total combined penalty of $34,500,000. That would be in addition to the $14,214,000 that Liberty University paid in claims for its health insurance coverage in 2012.” Result? This would “tax or penalize Liberty University out of existence.”