Swedish Supremes Unmoved by Unprecedented Contact in Homeschool Case | HSLDA

HSLDA: Two applications to the European Court of Human rights have been declared inadmissible, under the “pretext,” according to Harrold-Claesson, that the Johanssons had not exhausted all their domestic remedies. However, according to the appeal submitted by Alliance Defending Freedom’s Senior Legal Counsel Roger Kiska, HSLDA Director for International Affairs Mike Donnelly and Harrold-Claesson, who won a case against Sweden in the European Court in April 2012, this simply isn’t true. “We find it very strange that of the forty-nine judges in the European Court, it was a German judge, in a one-judge-decision, who declared the Johanssons application inadmissible.” Harrold-Claesson also blamed a Swedish bureaucrat at the European Court as being an obstacle. “There is a Swedish court administrator who has been called a ‘gate keeper’,” explained Harrold-Claesson . . . Kiska also expressed great frustration with the situation. “It is disgraceful that a self-styled democratic nation would tolerate this kind of abrogation of basic human rights,” he said. [more]