“Gay marriage will be legal today; business owners may face dilemma” | BND.com

BND.com: “A lot of business owners are asserting their constitutional rights,” said James Campbell, with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian law group. Currently in Illinois, a complaint over civil unions — which Illinois allowed in 2011 — is pending before the Illinois Human Rights Coalition. The owners of a central Illinois bed and breakfast refused to perform a civil union for a same-sex couple that same year. “This isn’t about hate. I don’t know any Christian who does,” said attorney Jason Craddock who represents the owners of Timber Creek Bed and Breakfast in Paxton. “We don’t want to cause anyone pain. It’s about our faith and it’s out of love too, but we don’t believe that giving into something that our faith tells us is wrong.” Craddock has argued that the owners don’t have the ability to perform civil unions for any couple and that such events aren’t a public accommodation and would violate the owners’ religious rights under the First Amendment and a state religious freedom act.