Canadian Catholic church sued for not letting boy use girl’s bathroom

Via Breitbart:

A Canadian mom is dragging the Catholic Church before the Alberta Human Rights Commission because the Catholic school district said her son had to use the boy’s bathroom. The woman’s son thinks he is a girl and the mother goes along with it.

According to CBC News, “The parents knew from the beginning that something was different about their child, but last September, the youngster made it clear.”

The seven-year-old boy said, “I just told my mom that I felt like a girl.”

The mother said that was when she knew her boy “was a girl who had a penis.” Apparently the boy told his parents that he had a “girl’s heart and a girl’s brain.”

The mother tried to get the Catholic school system to allow her son to use the little girl’s room and they refused. The school has even installed a special non-gendered bathroom for this situation, but the mother feels this solution is not good enough for her child; she claims no harm will come to anyone if he is allowed to use the girls’ restroom. She cited a doctor who said the boy has “gender dysphoria.”